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10 Amazing Walks To Take In Exmoor National Park This Summer | Western countries

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Over the past year, many people have walked all over the West Country to improve their mental and physical health and now Exmoor National Park has released a series of short walks for people to enjoy across the country. region.

The parks hope the new walks can introduce people to parts of the moor they may not know and entice some walkers to Exmoor for the first time.

Here are 10 of the amazing walks you can take in Exmoor National Park.

There are many different routes for walkers to invade the moors.

Doone Valley – Distance 7.8 km

The walk follows the valley of a small river known as Badgworthy Water, through fields, woods and finally moorland to the deserted medieval village of Badgworthy. This area is known as Doone Country after the novel Lorna Doone which took place in this part of Exmoor. It is the longest of the walks.

Dunkery Beacon – Distance 3.9 km

The route departs from the car park next to the bridge at the bottom of Dunkery Hill and takes you on a triangular route to the top of Exmoor’s highest point with its stunning views in all directions and the chance to spot wildlife, including including our famous red deer. .

Exmoor National Park hopes more people will visit the area for the first time.

Dunster Village – Distance 2.2 km

The route starts from the Dunster Steep parking lot next to the Dunster National Park Center. From there it takes you past the castle and along the Gallox Bridge. You then return through the village passing beautiful historically interesting buildings.

Haddon Hill – Distance 2.3 kmThe route starts from the Haddon Hill car park. From there you head west up the hill to the trigger point (the concrete marker at the top of the hill), from the trigger point you descend south then back to the parking lot.

Mouth of Heddon – Distance 3.6 km

The route departs from the National Trust car park near the Hunter’s Inn and takes you along the River Heddon, through the woods to the sea, between the highest cliffs in England. The promenade is perfect for families as it passes a wild playground and is generally accessible to sturdy strollers and all-terrain mobility vehicles.

Horner Wood – Distance 5.4 km

The route starts from the National Trust parking lot, takes you along the east side of Horner Water, then crosses the creek and takes you to a lookout point over the wooded valley. It’s a great walk in the woods, a bit longer than some of our other short walks, but it’s an adventure not to be missed.

The Doone Valley Walk in Exmoor National Park is the longest, taking around two and a half hours.

Lynmouth and Watersmeet – Distance 5.9 km

The route departs from Lynmouth, where there are several parking lots, and then takes you alongside the East Lyn, crossing the river a little more halfway. At Watersmeet House, the welcoming National Trust Shop and Cafe offers a well-deserved break and cream tea, then cruise back down the spectacular river gorges.

Porlock Marsh – Distance 5.8 km

The route departs from Porlock and takes you along the promenade, showing you the eerie and haunting landscape of Porlock Marsh with great sea views. It then takes you past the picturesque village of Bossington (you can choose to start walk from here) and back through farmland to Porlock.

Simonsbath and Wheal Eliza – Distance 3.8 km

The route starts at the Simonsbath car park and takes you along the beautiful Upland Valley of the River Barle to the mysterious Wheal Eliza. It’s a ’round trip’ walk, so you come back on the same route.

Stages of Tarr – Distance 3.5 km

This tour crosses the River Barle on the famous Tarr Steps clamshell bridge and follows the banks of the Barle through woods and meadows, designated a national nature reserve.

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