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10 notable businesses that closed in Toronto last month

Businesses that closed in Toronto last month include a full food court, a bar that’s been around for nearly four decades and Little Jamaica’s most iconic patty shop, days before National Patty Day, no less .

Here are the businesses that closed in Toronto in February.


People gathered to raise funds, Drake even offered to buy it. In the end, the issue came down to supply chain issues for the 43-year-old bakery from Little Jamaica. We will miss those boxes of freshly made spiced beef.

South China Restaurant

Long-standing Cantonese restaurants have all but disappeared from downtown, and the latest is Mt. Pleasant’s go-to for General Tao. According to a sign on the door, owner Ken and the team have decided to close after 65 years.

Aromatic dining room

The Yonge and Isabella Center for Asian Cuisine and all restaurants within it closed earlier this week. Jumbo Crepes is gone for good, but you can still visit sister restaurant Spice and Aroma for soups.

Orwell’s pub

The Orwell Neighborhood watering hole closed last week with a “Last Hurrah,” bidding a tearful farewell to regulars who have been visiting Etobicoke staples for pub food and live music for 27 years.


Just a few months after an early opening, this restaurant run by chef David Adjey has left rue Dupont. According to Adjey, the restaurant and the owner “just couldn’t get along”.

Sushi Kira

Reliable Roncesvalles sushi unfortunately no longer exists thanks to a tenuous relationship (for lack of a better term) with their owner. That’s according to a tell-all IG post that has since been deleted.


We couldn’t afford it, but Toronto is now home to even fewer Southern restaurants than before. One of the only restaurants in town offering shrimp, grits and jambalaya has closed after 13 years at the junction.

At Uncle Mikey’s

Dundas West’s hub for Asian snacks and bar food is moving out of space. According to chef Mikey Kim, the restaurant has outgrown space over the past few years and it’s time to reopen somewhere new.

Sultan of Samosas

The Regent Park location of this samosa biz has closed for good. The good news is that you can still find them in wholesale and foodservice, and their store in East York is still there.


The brand that started the city’s obsession with matcha-infused treats has closed all but one of its Toronto stores. According to the brand, they will hopefully make a return as Tsujiri Chaho. In the meantime, the only remaining location is Tsujiri on Dundas.

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Hector Vasquez of Aroma Food Hall