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Many American retirees are looking to age in place, while others who have said goodbye to the workplace are looking for new premises. There are plenty of choices, how do they decide?

Some ways to narrow down the list include get closer to the grandchildren or move to a vacation spot that has generated family memories over the years. People who have the high tax blues and the cold can find a lot of tax advantageous, warmer settings to establish new roots. Those who want to stay active with outdoor recreation or playing golf have their choice of communities near well-maintained club courses and wide open spaces.

Big cities have advantages, just like small towns with safe streets and quiet neighborhoods. Some of the best choices are idyllic suburbs like Piermont, New York, and Shenandoah, Texas, which are just minutes from the business bustle and cultural attractions of big cities.

To help retirees consider moving, Stacker reference Study of the Best Places to Retire 2020 from Niche, which lists 50 small American towns that offer the best retirement options. A maximum of 10 cities from each state and cities with less than 40,000 inhabitants were taken into account for the ranking, which Calculated niche depending on the representation of retirees, the quality of the weather, cost and safety, access to a healthy lifestyle and a handful of other factors. For each city, Stacker included the city’s resident population as well as figures for median home values, median rent, and median household income.

Read on to see which places are the best places to retire in America and where you might want to go.

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