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16+ Years Is Not Enough For Bureaucrats To Turn Vital Decision Into Reality – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism

* Despite the reminders, Patnitop Development Authority expects 7,000 kanals land
Tax authorities take official releases casually

Mohinder Verma

JAMMU, December 30: It may sound unbelievable, but it is a fact that 16 years is insufficient for bureaucrats, especially finance ministry field officials, to translate the decision of the supreme body into the reality. For this reason, the Patnitop Development Authority, which has been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the holistic development of the main scenic tourist site of the Jammu region, faces immense difficulties in planning new projects / programs.
Official sources told EXCELSIOR that the Cabinet of Ministers of the State of Jammu and Kashmir at the time, in Decision No. 153/10 of September 23, 2005, sanctioned the transfer of more than 7,000 kanals. of state land in favor of the Patnitop Development Authority.
In accordance with the decision of the highest instance, the Principal Secretary of the Department of Government, Tourism and Floriculture at the time, in accordance with Government Decree No. 210-TSM of September 27, 2005, sanctioned the transfer of State land located in different numbers of Khasra at the Patnitop Development Authority.
However, since then, no serious attention has been paid by field officials of the tax department to the realization of this decision by recording transfers of the land concerned in favor of the Patnitop Development Authority in the tax registers, said officials. sources, adding that “this case is testimony to how bureaucrats and other government officials, especially the finance ministry, react to decisions taken at the highest level.”
The land ordered to be transferred to the Patnitop Development Authority is located in the regions of Karlah, Kud, Pichote, Sudhmahadev, Katwalt, Latti, Dudu and Basantgarh.
Recently, the Patnitop Development Authority obtained extracts of income from the concerned Patwari for Kud village and it appeared that the transferred lands have not been registered in the name of Patnitop Development Authority till date, even after more than 16 years, informed sources, adding “for lack of formal transfer and handing over of such a huge piece of land, the Patnitop Development Authority faces immense difficulties in formulating new projects and programs in order to attract more tourists to this major destination in the Jammu region ”.
Sources, who are aware of the discussions held at official meetings on the matter, said that even Tehsildar Chenani Ved Parkash had been formally invited to certify transfers of lands transferred to the Patnitop Development Authority as soon as possible so that the land is fenced and protected. and other development plans are formulated. However, even after several months have passed, he is in a deep sleep for the reasons he knows best.
“There is no development on the vital issue despite the fact that the situation has also been brought to the attention of the district development commissioner,” they said, adding that “the deputy commissioner could have passed on instructions to officials in the field, in particular Tehsildar Chenani, but complying with them in due time. the same is also the responsibility of the deputy commissioner’s office, ”sources said.
When contacted, the director general of the Patnitop Development Authority, Sher Singh, said “we are working in this direction”.
However, sources said, “over 16 years is no small time to translate the Cabinet decision into reality, especially when it comes to creating more and more facilities in the main destination. tourism in the Jammu region, “adding” Bearing in mind the continued inaction, the government should seek an explanation from the field officials of the Ministry of Finance so that in the future no one in the administration dares sleep on vital decisions for years together ”.
Stressing the need to transfer more than 7000 kanals of land to the Patnitop Development Authority without wasting additional time, sources said: “This step is imperative because several agencies are showing their willingness to create infrastructure on the mode of public-private partnership. (PPP) to attract tourists “.