Fund Oval

About Fund Oval, formerly Zencap, brings entrepreneurs and investors together through their platform. Via the calculation tool on the Fund Oval Netherlands website, every entrepreneur can indicate how much money (minimum investment request $ 10,000 and maximum is $ 250,000) it wants to borrow, and how long it needs to repay the loan (between 6 and 60 months). After an investment application, you will be informed within 48 hours whether the application can go ahead or not. The advantage is that, as an entrepreneur, you will not be fined for early credit repayment.


  • Interest from 3.79%
  • Speed: credit decision within 48 hours
  • No penalty for early credit repayment


  • Minimum Sales: $ 100,000
  • Minimum age of the company: 2 years

Fund Oval details

Minimum credit € 10,000.00
Maximum credit € 250,000.-
Minimum term 6 months
Maximum duration 60 months
One-off costs 1% to 4.5% of the total credit sum
Average number of days for credit decision 2
Early repayment penalty-free Yes

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