3 restaurants in Bibb County, Georgia fail routine health inspections

Factors that contributed to the failure of routine health inspections at three Bibb County restaurants in September ranged from food not kept at safe temperatures, to employees forgoing hairnets, and dead cockroaches found in cupboards. ‘a restaurant.

One of the restaurants serves Chinese cuisine, another is known for its small burgers, and the third for its pizzas.

State health inspectors award marks based on the number of points deducted from 100, with marks of 69 and below being considered a failure.

The Telegraph reviewed routine health inspections from September 1 to 30 based on what is reported in the Georgia Department of Public Health online portal. Restaurant inspections are designed to protect public health.

New Chinese Grill and Buffet

The New China Grill & Buffet at 5056 Eisenhower Parkway in Macon received a “U” for “unsatisfactory compliance” with a failure score of 57 during its inspection on September 27, according to the inspection report.

The restaurant has been cited on several occasions for food kept cold above the required safe temperatures, according to the inspection report. These foods included cream cheese, raw fish, fake crab, kimchi, tomato slices, crab salad, several whipped toppings, and a roll of grated ham.

The restaurant has also been repeatedly cited for failing to separate and protect foods, including raw fish and raw chicken stored on baked potatoes in a handy freezer; raw chicken stored behind raw fish in a handy cooler; raw shrimp stored on cooked chicken in a cold room; and the wrapped young duckling stored directly on the mushrooms in a cold room.

The health inspector also has several foods in the facility improperly stored uncovered, including egg rolls and raw pork in a freezer, a bag of chicken breadcrumbs stored on a shelf next to a door. outlet and several seasonings on a rack near the rice cookers.

Another violation included in the inspection report was listed as fly tapes / duct tape hanging from the ceiling in a rear prep area near an old cold room and in the main kitchen “with an abundance of flies” .

Other violations include dead cockroaches in the cabinets of a hot handrail, several flies in an outdoor storage area and dead bugs on top of packages and a bowl on an upper shelf of the rack near the exit doors. back.

The restaurant scored 83 in its previous routine inspection on January 7.

Additionally, the restaurant failed routine inspections on January 13, 2020 with a score of 68 and on October 9, 2019 with a score of 65, according to state records.


The Krystal Restaurant at 6225 Zebulon Road failed its routine inspection on September 29 with a score of 63, receiving a “U” for “unsatisfactory compliance”.

The restaurant has been cited multiple times for foods kept cold above required temperatures, including sliced ​​cheese, individual wraps of buttery margarine spread, and a plate of raw bacon in a handy refrigerator.

Additionally, according to the inspection report, restaurant workers were not wearing hair retainers when one was scrambling eggs, another was handling and preparing breakfast sandwiches and a third placed Tater Tots in bags, according to the inspection report.

Additionally, a gloved employee working at the drive-thru window went out to handle customers’ food and got inside without washing his hands or changing gloves, according to the report.

Other violations included “sticky spilled food scraps” on dining room tables, “extremely dirty” women’s toilets and “heavily soiled” men’s toilets.

The restaurant scored 99 in its previous initial inspection on August 10.

Marco’s pizza

Marco’s Pizza at 2910 Riverside Drive failed its routine inspection on September 15, receiving a “U” for “unsatisfactory compliance” with a score of 68.

But the restaurant quickly bounced back – scoring a 96 on its follow-up inspection nine days later with an “A” for “excellence in food safety.”

Follow-up inspections are required when a restaurant fails its routine inspection and usually take place within 10 days. The follow-up inspection reports for the New China Grill & Buffet and the Krystal Restaurant had not been filed on the State Portal online as of Monday afternoon.

Citations for Krystal’s failing grade during her routine inspection include an employee observed multitasking, including handling food, using the same gloves instead of throwing the gloves away, washing their hands and then putting on new gloves. .

The employee was seen searching for papers, taking money from a customer, placing a container of prep salad in a cold room, and continuing to prepare and touch other foods while carrying the same pair of gloves, according to the inspection report.

The restaurant was also cited for grated cheese, sliced ​​pepperoni, and sliced ​​pineapple kept cold above the required 41 degrees.

A health inspector observed chunks of ice collecting on the air vent inside the freezer dripping onto an open prepackaged box of sliced ​​steak and meatballs.

The health inspector also saw several clear stainless steel containers and pans with label residue on non-food contact surfaces stacked as cleaned on the shelf support in front of the three-compartment sink , according to the report.

Other violations included employees with unrestrained hair making pizza, making salad, and packing baked pepperoni pizza.

The restaurant scored 84 in its previous routine inspection on February 5, 2021.

Other sheet music

Most restaurants in Bibb County received “A’s” and “B’s” with some “C’s” during their routine health inspections in September.

Additionally, during the same reporting period, there was no perfect score of 100 on routine inspections for Bibb restaurants.

However, three new restaurants got perfect marks on their initial inspections, including:

Here is how the marks are distributed: “A” for a mark between 90 and 100 and indicates “excellence in food safety”. “B” for a score between 80 and 89, considered as “satisfactory compliance”. “C” for “marginal compliance” based on a score of 70-79. A “U” for “unsatisfactory compliance” is assigned when a restaurant scores 69 or less.

This story was originally published 5 October 2021 5:00 a.m.

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