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About Money Capital

Both private and corporate investors put money into a company, product or service - that's the idea behind Applying for a loan is possible for existing companies and starting entrepreneurs. The minimum investment request is $ 25,000 and the maximum investment request is $ 500,000. Each investor contributes a minimum of $ 100, with a maximum of $ 40,000 for retail lenders and no limit for corporate lenders. After applying for a loan, you can expect a response within 2 working days whether you are credit resistant.


  • Financing on average within 16 months
  • Borrow large amounts of up to $ 500,000
  • 2,806 active investors


  • Minimum investment request $ 25,000

Capital Custom details

Minimum credit € 25,000
Maximum credit € 500,000.00
Minimum term 6 months
Maximum duration 120 months
One-off costs $ 599 + 3.25% of total credit
Average number of days for credit decision 2
Early repayment penalty-free No

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