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5 Best Asian Foods in Detroit to Celebrate Asia-Pacific American Heritage Month 2022 – Detroitisit

At Detroitisit, we like to highlight the diversity of Detroit’s cultural history. May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month – a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Celebrate cultures from across the Asian continent with exceptional Asian cuisine in Detroit.

Asian cuisine in Detroit serves up a slice of why we should all keep celebrating every year. Unfortunately, Asian racism requires conscious dismantling. Detroitisit has compiled a list of the best Asian foods in Detroit to kick off your summer plans and Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month 2022.


PAO is located in the former Michigan Oriental Theater, a culturally rich historic space that was once unoccupied. It now gives a dining experience full of Detroit memories. Since 1950, the space had been unoccupied. In the heart of Grand Circus Park, it is a magnificent place to organize an exclusive experience! PAO’s flavors draw on pan-Asian influences. Their drink menu offers accessible but rare Asian spirits to enjoy as classic favorites. gather the gang for craft cocktails and enjoy a meal. Order online HERE. Located at 114 W. Adams Detroit, MI 48226. PHONE: (313) 816-0000.



Detroit’s entrepreneurial Mexican community welcomes the changing energy of 2022. Over the past few years, it has shifted from a focus primarily on Mexican cuisine to a broader cuisine selection. This list of the best Asian foods in Detroit is happy to include food trucks, especially the city’s favorite! The Sakura Hibachi Grill food truck is run by a seasoned chef at Dearborn Benihana. This mobile restaurant opened in the spring of 2021 and is located behind a residence at 3109 Roosevelt St. The menu consists of bowls of rice and hibachi-style noodles with vegetables and a choice of steak, chicken, shrimp, salmon and sometimes lobster. Open 2-9pm, Wed-Sun, but call to order first as they sell out fast! Click HERE to see their site. Located at 3109 Roosevelt St Detroit, MI 48216. PHONE: (313) 912-0023.

I’m a chef and restaurateur, Mike Ransom helps Asian food in Detroit be delicious and fast food. Its success with Asian-inspired sandwiches found a new adventure with Super Crisp. The casual eatery is conveniently located next to Ima’s Midtown location and offers Ransom’s Karaage, twice-fried sandwiches, available as chicken, fish, and tofu, wasabi, Kimchi burgers, and more. Try a curry hot dog! Stop for a refreshing miso soup, salad, or snacks if you just want something light. Wayne State crowds are lucky to have Super Crisp’s serve close by. Click HERE to see the Super Crisp website. Located at 4830 Cass Ave Suite C, Detroit, MI 48201. PHONE: (313) 474-8880.


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Asian cuisine in Detroit includes delicious Japanese cuisine like Maru Sushi & Grill Detroit. Perfectly cooked order grilled shrimp, bacon roll, and gyoza. Not to mention that happy hour is always an option on weekdays. Take-out and delivery are their specialty among the tasty grilled pineappleBchocolate, and Raspberry Cheesecake. Cheerful drinks include malbec, strawberry liqueur, and Spritz. Waiters serve as well ginger tea, ginger beer, & oolong. Surround yourself with amazing tastes and staff that everyone loves to have around. You won’t have to pay too much for luxury Japanese favorites. Open from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday. Click HERE to see their menus and order online. PHONE: (313) 315-3100 Located at 160 Fort St W, Detroit MI 48226.


Shangri-La specializes in authentic Cantonese cuisine and offers Dim Sum all day. Owner Cholada Chan, who emigrated from Thailand, owned an oriental market for 20 years before moving into the restaurant business. She got The curry flair on the menu is a reflection of Chan’s heritage. She was born in Thailand to Chinese parents. Thus, a small selection of red, green and massaman curry dishes with coconut milk, kaffir lime and Thai basil are found in various dishes. Bite into a perfectly cooked dish pineapple bread or simply sip a delicious americano or a good tea. Located at 4710 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 CALL: 313.974.7669. There is also a West Bloomfield location.

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