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pencils-round We try to map out all online Credit Comparison in the Netherlands clearly via our website credit marketplace comparison. On this page you will find the providers of lenders in alphabetical order - so you can easily find a credit institution and view other lenders.

The loans offered on lender marketplaces differ based on: minimum / maximum credit, minimum / maximum term, minimum / maximum interest, business / personal credit. It is therefore advisable to familiarize yourself with the subject of lenders. With the comparator on our website you can find the best credit at the best conditions for free.

The number of providers of online marketplaces for lenders is now starting to increase significantly. The most well-known and popular Credit Comparison are Fivolend, Kapitaal op Maat and Fund Oval - you can also find these in the overview of all providers on this page. There will undoubtedly be more marketplaces for lenders in the future. We do our utmost to keep the list of providers up to date so that you can always rely on our information.