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841; Eight things to do for the last day of National Day

Exhausted your list of distractions for this national holiday? With only 1 day left for many, The Nanjinger has put together a list of eight top picks for tomorrow’s last chance to relax at the moment. Free entry to all listed locations.

Note that this is only the latest in a series of guides prepared in the wake of COVID, for all those who are more or less stranded in Nanjing (and China).

Check out the previous articles, published in June of this year and last year, titled “20 Days of Ideas for Families Stuck in Nanjing This Summer” and “Places to Go / Things to Do / Great Days for Summer Vacation”.

With today’s offer, in total, that’s 38 suggestions for those with itchy feet looking for something to do in our beautiful city.

Wulongtan Park (乌龙 潭 公园)

Known as Nanjing Little West Lake, after its large counterpart in Hangzhou and because it lies to the west of the city. Pavilions and terraces scattered among flowers and trees provide a poetic and picturesque experience, while a 3 km fitness trail makes Wulongtan Park perfect for jogging and morning walks.

Located at 215 Guangzhou Lu, Gulou District (opposite Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital), a little north of Hanzhong Men subway station on Line 2.

Hydrangea park (绣球 公园)

The enormous diversity of hydrangea species in China is synonymous with color, and much of it, a fact reflected in the fire that breaks out on both sides of Nanjing Hydrangea Lake each fall. Enjoy and relax in an old lodge in the middle of mountains, water and forest.

Located at 406 Zhongshan Bei Lu in Gulou District, at the Rehe Lu stop of bus 16 or 34 of Zhujiang Lu subway station on line 1.

Xiaguan Train Theme Park (下 关 火车 主题 园)

Railroad enthusiasts will enjoy stepping back in time to get closer to steam locomotives, those famous green cars, an old-fashioned waiting room, and many more reminders of the past.

Located along Jiangbian Lu in Gulou District, at Baotaqiao Bus 12 stop of Shangyuan Men Subway Station on Line 3.

Meow Street (喵 喵 街)

One for cat lovers; Meow Street sits next to the Nanjing Eye and has become a hot spot for today’s internet celebrities to come to vlog. A paradise with cats as a theme that can melt a girl’s heart in minutes.

Located in front of Jiangwan Xintiandi, 209 Leshan Lu in Jianye District, at the East Gate stop of Bus 102 of Yuantong Subway Station on lines 2 and 10.

Infinite Porpoise Square (江豚 广场)

Endless porpoise sculptures accompany a popular science exhibit hall in a former warehouse, while a porpoise viewing platform, protruding from the river bank, sits on an original restored wharf.

Located at Jindama Wharf, 18 Nonchang Cun in Yuhuatai District; 3 km walk from Tianbao metro station on line S3.

Chunqing Tea Plantation (淳 青 茶园)

Known as “one of the 30 most beautiful tea gardens in China” and “one of the top ten tea travel routes in China”, this is the perfect place to breathe in all those fresh negative oxygen ions. , infused with the scent of tea.

Located 60 meters northeast of the intersection of Maoshu Lu and the Jingdong Line in Gaochun District; 3.5 km walk from Youzishan stop of bus 209 from Gaochun metro station on line S9.

Huashu Village (桦 墅 村)

Not far from the university town of Xianlin is this popular place for team building or employee retirement, which is also a national recreation, agriculture and rural tourism demonstration site. Successive winner of the “Beautiful Jiangsu Water Village” and “Beautiful Nanjing Water Village” awards.

Located in Xigang sub-district of Qixia district, at Zhoucun stop of bus 329 from Jingtian Lu subway station on line 2.

Jiangnan Silk Culture Museum (江南 丝绸 文化 博物馆)

Nanjing’s First Silk Culture-Themed Museum tells the story of Chinese silk, with special emphasis on that of the Jiangnan region. Over 300 exhibits, historical documents and multimedia installations reproduce the past and present of Jiangnan’s silk culture.

Located in Building 41, National Leading Talent Pioneer Park, Laifeng Jie, Qinhuai District; 1.3 km walk from Sanshan Jie subway station on line 1.

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