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A Guide to Last Minute Christmas Party Solutions

If you need a little help with the Christmas party this year, we understand – it’s been 12 long months.

But you can make things a little easier by ordering on Providor: Fine dining in-home service is delivered until Christmas Eve, and restaurants and shops across Sydney have designed special menus that will keep you dining. like kings at home. You’ll still need to do a bit of prep, but that’s nothing compared to the multi-day, multi-oven extravagance of doing it yourself. From Middle Eastern feasts to seafood extravagances, here is Large format sheetthe best choices for a last minute Christmas menu.

Manta Seafood Feast
If Christmas in your home means fish, Manta’s Seafood Feast is the menu for you. Located at Ovolo Woolloomooloo, this Sydney waterfront restaurant is known for its exceptional harbor views and freshly caught seafood. The menu feeds four people and includes a whole cooked oriental lobster, a can of Osteria caviar, a whole snapper, giant butterfly shrimp, as well as side dishes such as house focaccia, truffle puree and individual coconut pavlovas for dessert.

Maha Sydney soufra premium
Maha’s soufra menus have always been a staple at Chef Shane Delia’s Middle Eastern restaurant (“soufra” is an Arabic word meaning a long table filled with lots of good things to eat). Now available in Sydney exclusively through Providoor, Maha Sydney’s premium soufra menu will garnish the table with the restaurant’s signature dishes, including smoked hummus, saj bread with toum and za’atar, and shoulder of lamb. slowly roasted, beef meatballs and white chocolate rice pudding for dessert.

Lotus Dining Chi BBQ Banquet
Inspired by Beijing’s bustling night markets, Chi by Lotus is a ‘smoke palace’ in Barangaroo serving a huge selection of barbecue and street food designed to be shared. The restaurant’s barbecue banquet serves four people and features skewers of Wagyu beef, Riverina lamb, and Australian pork belly, as well as platters of char siu char siu barbecue with honey, fried rice, salads and rolls. bao.

Golden Age Christmas Party
Sydney was scared earlier this year when popular Cantonese restaurant Golden Century went into voluntary administration. It has since been rescued by investors, and what better way to celebrate than by ordering your favorite food for Christmas Day. Golden Century’s Christmas Feast features classics you’ve eaten on a nighttime date: Mongolian lamb, the famous XO vermicelli pee, along with a whole lobster and a large serving of fried rice. The menu serves two people.

Unfair Christmas menu
Indu on Angel Place is a celebration of the South Indian and Sri Lankan village culture of owner Sam Prince, with recipes inspired by the cuisine and family history of Prince’s mother. The Christmas menu is a banquet that will fill your table with small plates, including tuna croquettes with black garlic aioli, besan fritters (chickpea flour), the famous lamb raan simmered in coconut and chilli cream (a family recipe), paratha bread, basmati rice, and for dessert a dark chocolate cake with Chantilly cream.

This story was produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Providor.