Chinese cuisine

A Korean dessert cafe and a Chinese cuisine and Chinese hot pot restaurant will share space in Bellevue

Photo credit: Instagram/Snow Village UW

A Korean dessert cafe and a Chinese food and hot food restaurant arrive in downtown Bellevue and share a space. The address is 1105 Bellevue Way Northeast.

Korean dessert coffee, snowy village, currently has an open location in Seattle near the University of Washington. Their neighbor at their current location in Seattle is XI’AN noodleswhich will also open its second location.

According to the Snowy Village Instagram post, they originally planned a second location after their freshman year, but due to COVID, they had to postpone it.

Snowy Village focuses on Bingsoo, Taiyaki and specialty tea. All the ingredients used are of high quality and their snow is made from 100% milk. Their menu features dishes like Bingsoo Cheesecake, Bingsoo Watermelon, and Bingsoo Green Tea. They also offer hot coffee and tea, as well as ice cubes.

The franchise is the leading Korean dessert coffee brand in Canada and now has locations across North America.

The XI’AN Noodles menu features house specialties like spicy cumin lamb noodles and hand-fried tomato egg noodles, street food like cooked pork burgers and pao mo d’ lamb, rice noodles, entrees like cucumber salad and the spicy and sour lotus salad, favorites like spring rolls and add-ons.

The soft opening will take place from March 19 to March 25.