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A one-week itinerary to visit the two cities

On the Chinese coast are two former strongholds of imperialism. Hong Kong was controlled by the British. Macau was colonized by the Portuguese. Both have a complex history and have gone through complicated times in recent years.

However, both are still home to large amounts of history and culture. They have a unique character that is quite different from that of other ethnically Chinese cities. If travelers have the option, visiting both in one trip is both doable and recommended. Separated by a narrow strip of water, ferries often run between them.

For travelers wishing to make this trip. Here’s a week-long itinerary detailing how to get the most out of visiting these two cities.

Day 1: Arrival in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the most impressive airports in the world. It’s big, so navigating may take some time, but there are many convenient transport services available for arrivals. Many hotels also offer their own transportation options for their guests. Once in the city and checked into their hotel, travelers may want to relax. A local pub is a great place to do this. The Derby Pub & Restaurant is a great place for travelers to its area.

The Derby Pub & Restaurant 打吡餐廳酒吧

The Derby Pub is an English style pub with an interesting mix of traditional pub food and local cuisine. I ordered the fried noodles with pork loin and black pepper. Seafood pasta with lobster sauce is also a great choice. The food here is quite delicious, but their beer selection is also great for helping travelers relax after their flight.

  • Address – Jockey Club House, Shan Kwong Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
  • Contact – +852 2966 1310
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – Fried noodles with pork and black pepper
  • social media

Day 2: Temple Street Night Market and Victoria Harbor

Being the first full day in the city for travelers, Wander shore of Victoria is a great choice. The Kowloon side of Victoria Harbor is home to a wealth of sights and shops for visitors to explore. A day can easily be made walking around this area, but an absolute must is to plan a trip on one of the old junks to see the colors of the city at sunset. Then, travelers can stroll to the nearby Temple Street Night Market to enjoy the many goodies and local cuisine available there.

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Day 3: Monastery of 10,000 Buddhas

The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas is an important historical place which is a decent climb of a mountain staircase with more than 10,000 golden Buddhas. The total number of Buddhas is actually closer to twelve thousand Buddhas, which makes the name a bit of an understatement. The body of the founder of the temple still lies on the altar for visitors to pray. One of the most impressive aspects of the temple was that all of the supplies used to build the temple had to be carried by hand.

Day 4: Travel to Macau and A-Ma Temple

Traveling from Hong Kong to Macau is quite simple using the TurboJET ferry. This is a high-speed ferry that will quickly take travelers from Hong Kong’s Victoria Port to Macau.

  • Differs from – HK (SHEUNG WAN)
  • Contact – (852) 2307 0880, [email protected]
  • DAY SAILING (weekdays) – 335HKD (Super Class), 160HKD (Economy)
  • DAY SAILING (Weekends & Holidays) – 360HKD (Super Class), 175HKD (Economy)
  • NIGHT SAILING (Weekdays, Weekends & Holidays) – 380HKD (Super Class), 200HKD (Economy)
  • Reservation

A-Ma Temple

Macau A-Ma Temple is located at the water’s edge and is carved into the rocky hillside. The temple is winding with several levels and places to discover. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of the sea and has a classic temple atmosphere, with many interesting sites to discover carved into the cliff. It’s also not a long tour, perfect for a half-day adventure.

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Day 5: Fortaleza Do Monte and Senado Square

Senado Square and Fortaleza do Monte are located close to each other, making for a great day out exploring both destinations. Senado Square includes the ruins of the Church of St. Paul and St. Domnici and much of the remaining old town. The superb Portuguese architecture has been preserved and is still full of many small tourist shops and restaurants. Fortaleza do Monte, or Monte Fort, rises above, built on a hill and overlooking Senado Square. It was once built to protect Portuguese imperial interests, but now serves as a museum dedicated to the city’s past.

  • St. Paul’s Church
  • St. Domnici Church
  • Mont Fort

Day 6: Day trip to Coloane Macau

Coloane Village is located on Cotai, in southern Macau. It is a small, well-kept neighborhood of entirely Portuguese architecture. Travelers here can enjoy local shops and simply stroll through its aesthetically pleasing streets. It is easy to get around by bus, both by bus and by taxi.

Fernando Restaurante

This is the perfect delicious dinner destination to visit right after finishing in Coloane. This is a Portuguese style restaurant located next to the beach. The Suckling Pig, which has delicious, perfectly spiced skin and fatty sweet meat, is a delicious order. Visitors are also recommended to try the braised oxtail. Visitors can accompany the meal with a drink and perhaps walk down to the beach.

  • Address – Macau黑沙海灘9號號地下
  • Contact – +853 2888 2264
  • Cost -$$-$$$
  • must try – suckling pig
  • Menu

Day 7: Depart Macau

Travelers may have time to revisit one of their favorite destinations before heading to the airport, or perhaps they can just enjoy a local breakfast in town. Travelers should make sure to arrive at the airport early to avoid missing their flight!