Chinese cuisine

A spicy mid-week meal for the family

Looking for a deliciously flavorful midweek meal for the family? Chicken Jalfrezi is just the recipe you should try. It is an aromatic curry with tender and juicy pieces of chicken in a spicy tomato sauce. It also contains sautéed peppers and onions.

This Jalfrezi Chicken Recipe is a blend of Chinese cuisine paired with delicious Indian flavors. This tasty meal is ready in less than an hour. It is therefore perfect for a mid-week meal.

Jalfrezi Chicken is healthy and perfect for giving your family all the nutrition they need to stay strong and healthy. It is packed with vitamin C from peppers and tomatoes. It also contains the antimicrobial properties of chili peppers and spices. The tender pieces of chicken bring protein to the mix with additional B vitamins and more selenium. So, there are so many healthy reasons why this Chicken Jalfrezi is a must-have recipe for your family.

Enjoy this dish that stimulates the immune system and tastes like soul food. Let us know in the comments for this recipe if you plan to try it.

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