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INDIANAPOLIS – Taste at Lucky Lou’s was picked up by Elsa Lun and her daughter, Caisy Lun in August 2019 after Elsa wondered what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

We were happy to chat with Caisy, Taste’s Marketing Manager, and learn more about the restaurant’s operations, the cuisine they serve, and their purpose as the only dim sum restaurant in Indianapolis.

“My mom took over this restaurant in 2019. She was like ‘Okay, I always wanted to own a restaurant and I always wanted to make dim sum’ so she made the most of the day. and did it, ”Caisy explained.

Elsa, Caisy and all the staff at Taste are committed to serving a true, authentic and delicious dim sum experience. They put their whole being in their profession.

“Dim sum is broadly translated as ‘a touch of the heart’,” Caisy said.

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“So each of the steamer baskets is really all things of the heart. I feel like food really brings people together. We want to create that space, don’t we, for Indianapolis and for people to come together and, you know, reconnect. “

Caisy explained that dim sum can be interpreted in a number of ways, in fact, they offer over 30 different types of dim sum at Taste.

Everything from sweet meatballs fried to perfection and stuffed with sweet red bean paste to thicker steamed meatballs filled with pulled pork and savory spices. There really is something for everyone at Taste.

Taste Lucky Lou’s offerings just more than dim sum, however. They also offer delicious Cantonese dishes, as well as traditional Schezwan dishes. There is also a chef for each of the three specializations, so your food is always taken care of with pride.

“Everything is handmade. Our chef comes in the morning and packs dumplings, hundreds, of all kinds, right? And then we steam them. And when you come to our restaurant, you order dim sum, we steam it so you get the freshest thing possible, ”Caisy said.

“We are also very attached to quality. We go out and inspect the food supply every two weeks because we just don’t want to give up on quality because that’s something that is our philosophy. We want to give you the best possible. We don’t skimp on ingredients or cut costs. So it’s really involved, ”Caisy explained.

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The Lun’s and all the staff at Taste at Lucky Lou’s take great pride in their product. When it comes to taste, there’s a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes, unnoticed.

“I think being a dim sum restaurant has also been very, it’s not the easiest thing, I think, to do, because you literally stand there and make hundreds of dumplings. It’s definitely a lot of work, so you have to love it. You have to love dim sum, ”Caisy said.

“You have to like the product, get started, don’t you? And that’s what we run on, it’s like our passion. We just want to give Indianapolis this amazing experience that we love as a family and hopefully other people love too.

To learn more about Lun’s and Taste at Lucky Lou’s, or to try it, visit their website.

Also, don’t forget to check out their Instagram run by Caisy, to see behind-the-scenes footage of their different types of dim sum being made!

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