Are you ready to vote? Your luck comes later this month

Ballots for registered voters in Yakima County will be sent out on October 15 for the upcoming general election in November.

Auditor Charles Ross said 128,423 ballots would be sent to registered voters in the county. Your ballot is due on polling day, November 3. If you’re looking for information on the candidates and the issues, all registered voters will receive a Yakima County Voters Guide later this month. Ross says it’s a thick package of information this election season.


Depending on where you live, it will be a busy ballot with municipal and regional elections as well as proposals in Selah and Yakima. In Yakima, city council seats are open in Districts 2, 4, and 6. A Yakima County commission seat is up for election. Yakima County is hoping to pass Proposition 1, which asks voters to allow the continued collection of a sales tax equal to three-tenths of a percent until 2023.
In Yakima City, Proposition 1 calls on voters to approve a change in the city charter that would result in a vacancy for a council position if a council member did not meet the conditions for attendance.
Yakima City Proposition 2 calls on voters to comply with articles of state law and make corrective and clarifying changes to the Charter.
Yakima City Proposition 3 asks voters to amend the city charter to add a provision stating that the city council cannot enact a local tax on the income of city residents.


In the town of Selah, Proposition 1 asks voters whether Selah Park and Recreation Service Area should be allowed to impose regular property tax levies of 10 cents or
less per thousand dollars of valuation for each of the six consecutive years, for operating expenses of the Selah Aquatic Center / Pool.
Ross says don’t forget to sign the ballot envelope and mail it ASAP. You do not need a stamp to send your ballot by mail. You can also drop your ballot into a drop box. Drop boxes are located throughout the county, including town halls and town halls.

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