Avoid the Scudder Falls toll bridge in New Jersey again on Friday

Here we go again:

If you normally take I-295 from Bucks County New Jersey in the morning, you better rethink that for tomorrow morning (Friday, June 4), according to the Bucks County Courier Hours.

The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission issued a “severe travel warning” for the Scudder Falls Toll Bridge, advising commuters of road works that will take place throughout the morning rush hour and beyond (5:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.), weather permitting.

The two eastbound lanes in New Jersey will be reduced to one lane, with work crews “pouring concrete onto the deck of the adjacent bridge span.” The project is nearing completion, with a target for completion later this summer.

It is important to know that this concrete works Will NOT affect cars and trucks across I-295, traveling from New Jersey to Bucks County. Work is only being carried out on the east side, towards New Jersey.

If you are going on a trip from Trenton – Mercer Airport, be aware that this could affect you. Allow yourself plenty of extra time to get to the airport or take an alternate route. The plane won’t wait for you if you’re late. It stinks.

This also happened last Wednesday, as the road crews were preparing for this concrete pour. The traffic delay was significant, with drivers sitting in traffic for miles. Ugh.

Another route would be the Trenton – Morrisville toll bridge. Keep in mind, however, that with many people using this route there will likely be delays as well.

I say work from home if you can. Three-day weekend ?!

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