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Best Melbourne Roasts | 2022

It is indeed the season of the roast. When it’s hot outside, the comfort of a hearty slow-cooked lamb or chicken accompanied by crispy golden potatoes (gravy optional but recommended) calms just about anything. We’ve gone in search of Melbourne’s best roasts, locking down the city’s favorite spots that are perfect for the winter staple.

Here’s where to find the best roasts in Melbourne for 2022:

The Orrong Hotel


One of Melbourne’s oldest pubs dating back to 1875, The Orrong Hotel has seen a bit of a shine lately; with more modern accompaniments like craft beers on tap, but the timeless roast has remained a permanent fixture. Every Sunday you’ll find a rotating special roast, ranging from a basic pork leg to a slow-cooked lamb.

Neighborhood wine


Neighborhood wine and its intimate dining space just off Nicholson Street is an absolute haven for some of Melbourne’s best roasts. Every Sunday from 1-4pm, they offer a three-course roast menu featuring small plates of crispy Brussels sprouts with horseradish, a braised fennel dish, and then a beef porterhouse with all the trimmings, including potatoes. earth, Yorkshire pudding and even a brown sugar caramel. pudding to finish.

Marquess of Lorne


The of the marquis Melbourne’s quintessential charm has won them favor with punters across the city. Pulling up a chair in the dimly lit dining room with the roaring fireplace and ordering the roast is one of winter’s simplest pleasures. The Sunday special, which features a weekly changing roast dish, is always a knockout.

The Windsor Wolf


A favorite among the region and one of the go-to destinations for some of Melbourne’s best roasts, The Windsor Wolf serves it every Sunday. Each week, the team reveals the Sunday roast rotation which can be anything from a striking porchetta with all the trimmings to a 12-hour slow-cooked lamb.

Hotel Mount Erica


A southern favourite, the Hotel Mount Erica throws a roast like few others. Happening all day on Sunday, the Mount Erica team cooks up a rotating selection of staple roasts alongside every side you might crave. Pair it with a few pints from their very well stocked bar and you’re about to end the weekend on a high.

The Lincoln


The warm look of The Lincoln at Carlton is hard to pass up at the best of times, so when they throw in their Sunday roast, it’s not to be missed. One of the hottest items in town, the Lincoln Roast sells out fast, each week rotating between beef, pork, chicken and lamb; it usually comes overflowing under a hearth of gravy and Yorkshire puddings.

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Image credit: The Orrong Hotel (provided)