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‘Best Steakhouse in the North East’ Takes Over Popular Norton Restaurant

A steakhouse dubbed “the best in the Northeast” by its owners is coming to Norton soon. Meet at 12 has taken over one of the most beloved restaurants in the village and given it a stylish makeover.

The former 12 Harland Place has had a “full rip-out”, to create an “authentic Spanish charcoal grill”, a stylish cocktail bar and a rooftop terrace. Businessman Barry Faulkner, who also owns Middlesbrough Empire and a number of other Teesside venues, has confirmed the team are aiming for an opening in early July.

Rendez-vous at 12 p.m. will serve “exceptional grilling” and “upscale creative cocktails” which, if taken upstairs, can be “enjoyed with a view.” The venue won planning approval for the transformation last year, including an impressive rooftop terrace, after the owners said they felt it was “long overdue” for a refurbishment.

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“We don’t do things by halves and have big plans in the works,” they said at the time. Hannah Beadle, from Meet at 12, added: “We will be serving a European and Mediterranean menu using responsible and local sourcing. Our chefs have worked very hard to build relationships, to ensure that we get the best of the best.

“And the same goes for the kitchen equipment that we installed. There was a big audience for Harland Place, it was like a big family. We want to keep that vibe.

The finishes are in progress on the site

“The terrace has had a makeover, there’s a lot more space, the upstairs has had a makeover, it’s quite impressive.”


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