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Blue Seafood Asia: Taste the ocean – News

The restaurant specializes in Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisines.

By Rhonita Patnaik

Published: Mon 20 Jun 2022, 10:30 AM

Last update: Mon 20 Jun 2022, 10:39

Sushi holds a special place in my mind. When Blue Seafood Asia announced they had a newly launched Sushi menu, I couldn’t keep calm. The restaurant also offers the best Chinese and Thai cuisine in town.

The restaurant, resplendent with gold, blue and green interiors with a bustling open kitchen and a live seafood counter, offers a glamorous setting inside and out. The contemporary restaurant is located on the first floor of Burj Daman at DIFC. A whole place worthy of its impressive decor.

After stepping inside, we were shown to our table by the gracious host who explained the exotic menu of different kinds of sashimi and nigiri to us. She also mentioned that Wednesday was Seafood Nights and we could choose a la carte if we couldn’t make a choice with the sushi menu. I thought that was a good start.

We decided to start the evening with the classic salty edamame while waiting for the first course.

The starter platter was a selection of Lobster Maki with 5 servings, each a bite in its own right. The maki was topped with an unusual combination of cheese and mango sauces on an identical plate with mini sago chips. A tip: After eating the soft maki, bite into the sago chips. You will know why the whole dish is a work in itself.

Then followed the Waygu Temari Sushi. Shaped like a truffle, the 3-serving dish features seared wagyu nigiri, miso aioli, and topped with fresh truffle shavings. This innovation is definitely my favorite on the list.

Blue Seafood Asia offers an incredible assortment of Gunkanmakis that come in five flavors: crab, lobster, salmon, tuna and hamchi. Gunkanmaki are a type of hand-formed, oblong-shaped sushi that is filled with rice with a rolled-up strip of seaweed on the side. The five Gunkanmakis we were served with five savory toppings were literally a mouthful. Get ready for messy and delicious cooking.

After that we ordered Thai green curry with prawns on a whim as the food was great so far. The tangy, herbal flavored curry couldn’t be better. I highly recommend trying this dish at Blue Seafood Asia.

Finally, we literally went raw with our choice when we ordered Omakese style sashimi. The choice ranged from yellow spotted trevally, salmon, tuna and red snapper bought in a bed of ice with wasabi and soy sauce. The freshness of the ingredients exceeded my expectations and fear of not liking the taste.

We then feasted on a chocolate lava cake topped with vanilla ice cream. Perfect ending!

All in all, I’m going back for seafood nights every Wednesday soon.