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Burnham pub owner convicted of throwing pint at landlord

A Burnham pub owner who threw a pint of water at the owner has been convicted of assault.

On October 26 last year, police were called to the Ye Olde Swan in Burnham High Street following an argument in the pub between owner Jaqueline Murray and her partner, who co-runs the business , Charles May.

At High Wycombe Magistrates Court on Thursday, the court heard how, during the argument, 44-year-old May threw a glass of water in her partner’s face, saying, “Do you want to wear this? And that’s it “as he threw it.

Although his partner did not want to press charges against him, May pleaded guilty to assault and was given a six-month conditional discharge in Wycombe Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. He will also have to pay £ 107 in fees.

Prosecutor Rebecca Thomas told the court how the altercation started around 10:30 p.m. in the pub, where the two men live, when Ms Murray accused May of cheating on her. The pub was closed and empty when the argument took place.

The argument lasted about 50 minutes, at which time police arrived and arrested May.

Ms Thomas added: “He showed remorse and didn’t know that throwing a drink at someone was an ordinary assault.

“He threw it at her to try to keep her from arguing, he was trying to stop an escalation with his actions.”

The court heard from May’s defense that Ms Murray was “upset” that the case had gone to court and that she felt her own behavior that night had also been unacceptable.

The court also heard that the pair are staying “very close” and anxiously awaiting the time when pub trading starts to pick up again when more foreclosure restrictions are lifted.

According to the 1988 Criminal Justice Act, a person is guilty of common assault if he inflicts violence on another person, however slight.

May will not have to serve his six-month prison sentence, but if he commits a felony during that time, he will have to serve it on top of any additional sentences.

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