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PF Chang’s launches flagship site in Hawaii | Business

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Sep 7, 2021– PF Chang’s today announced the opening of its Royal Hawaiian establishment as an upgraded flagship restaurant. The dining destination has undergone significant investment, which recently completed a 6-month renovation, resulting in significant improvements to the design, decor and ambiance at the …

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Why many Hong Kong nationals move to Warrington

HUNDREDS of thousands of Hong Kong nationals are expected to leave their home countries for the UK in the coming years – and many are choosing Warrington as their new hometown. So why is the city becoming a hotspot for Hong Kong expats, and what does this mean for residents? …

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Movies to stream with paired snacks

— Cooking with Adam Liaw airs weekday evenings on SBS Food at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., or stream for free on SBS On Demand. Watch the Latte Snack Episode on Wednesday, August 25. — The worst part of life in confinement is the lack of companionship. Well, the worst …

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