Cantonese restaurant – Nags Head Pickhill Wed, 15 Sep 2021 11:04:28 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cantonese restaurant – Nags Head Pickhill 32 32 The world’s first commercial cultured meat production facility operational in Singapore, Environment News & Top Stories Wed, 15 Sep 2021 09:14:53 +0000

SINGAPORE – A commercial facility that produces chicken products by cell culture instead of slaughter has already started operations in Singapore, the Straits Times has learned.

Esco Aster’s Ayer Rajah Crescent factory, a local contract development and manufacturing organization, received approval and began production of cell culture chicken in July – a world first.

This could pave the way for new protein alternatives to enter the Singapore market and strengthen the Republic’s food security.

In December 2020, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) was the first regulator in the world to approve the sale of a cultivated meat product – bite-sized chicken from Eat Just, a California start-up. – after being deemed safe for consumption. .

Eat Just’s Good Meat cultured chicken is available here through Madame Fan’s foodpanda delivery platform, the Cantonese restaurant at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach.

On July 28, Esco Aster received approval from the SFA to produce farmed chicken for commercial use. A spokesperson for SFA added: “This is the same farmed chicken that was previously approved by SFA in 2020.”

ST understands that prior to this approval, Eat Just’s Cultured Chicken Bites could not be made in Singapore.

Cultured meat refers to meat products made from animal cells growing in a bioreactor – similar to the vats used for brewing beer – instead of slaughtering real chickens.

This is considered to be a more sustainable method of meat production, as large volumes can be produced involving less land and labor.

Esco Aster is a subsidiary of the Esco Lifescience group, which has supplied tools and technologies such as bioreactors to companies in the alternative protein industry.

The company is also focused on providing manufacturing services in the areas of vaccine development and cell or gene therapy, among others.

This experience helped Esco Aster design the manufacturing plant to the standards required by the SFA for food production, its general manager Lin Xiangliang told ST on Wednesday (September 15th).

In Singapore, companies producing cultured meat products must complete and submit safety assessments of their products for review by the SFA before they are allowed for sale.

These assessments cover potential food safety risks, including the toxicity and safety of production methods. Detailed information on the materials used in the manufacturing processes and how these are controlled to prevent food safety risks should also be provided, the SFA spokesperson added.

Companies wishing to manufacture these approved products in Singapore must obtain a separate SFA license.

“If companies want to make alternative protein products already approved in Singapore, as with any other food, they must obtain an SFA license and are subject to SFA checks of premises, systems and products,” the carrier said. word of the SFA.

“SFA will also inspect and sample the product for testing, just as we do for other imported and locally produced food products.”

Eat Just Cultured Chicken Bites are the only cultivated meat product currently approved for sale in Singapore.

When approached for comment, a spokesperson for Eat Just declined to give details of Esco Aster’s production facility, saying the company does not comment on details of its partnerships.

But he added, “We have several production partners for Good Meat and look forward to expanding our business in Singapore, which will be a manufacturing hub for the company. “

Cultured chicken Eat Just’s Good Meat is being evaluated by regulatory authorities in other jurisdictions, such as the United States and the Middle East, a spokesperson for Eat Just said, adding that the company planned to set up a meat factory grown in the Middle East. East and North Africa region.

Eat Just Cultured Chicken Bites are the only cultivated meat product currently approved for sale in Singapore. PHOTO: EAT RIGHT

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, alternative proteins are gaining traction globally amid growing awareness of the massive carbon footprint of livestock farming for the food, which produces about 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

But since this is an emerging field, with Singapore being the only country to have approved the sale of such products here, many cultured meat products are produced in smaller facilities and laboratories on a smaller scale.

A commercial plant in Singapore, however, could help increase production of these alternative proteins more quickly once they are approved for sale here, and lower costs.

Mr. Lin said, “The manufacturing license will allow alternative protein companies to produce small batches of cell culture food products approved for commercial launch in the Singapore market.”

Ms Mirte Gosker, acting chief executive of the nonprofit The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific – which advocates for alternatives to traditional meat products – said: “This decision is the clearest sign to date that the city Lion is very much into increasing alternative proteins and driving Asia’s dazzling leader in the field of food technology.

“Other countries would be wise to follow Singapore’s lead by investing in this smarter way of making meat before they are left behind.”

In April, ST announced that more than 15 alternative protein start-ups – including those studying cell-grown and plant-grown meats – have moved to Singapore.

A recent report from the Good Food Institute also found that a record US $ 3.1 billion (S $ 4.1 billion) was invested in alternative proteins around the world last year – three times the capital raised in 2019.

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New Chinese Culture and Food Festivals Launch to Light Up Vancouver’s Chinatown Fri, 10 Sep 2021 18:25:00 +0000

While the summer festivities are drawing to a close, a combination of new and traditional cultural events should reinvigorate not only the transition to the fall season, but also a historic district of Vancouver.

There are two new Chinese festivals, both based in Vancouver’s Chinatown, which will offer an array of arts and entertainment, education, culinary explorations and more.

Whereas during the first phase of the pandemic, Vancouver’s Chinatown was one of the main targets in a wave of anti-Asian attacks, coupled with the financial challenges created by the restrictions, these new opportunities celebratory events will help revitalize interest in the neighborhood, provide opportunities for cross-cultural appreciation and affirm the Asian-Canadian presence in the city, which can bring hope and a sense of renewal as we continue to go out. of the darkness of the past year.

Here is an overview of what is on offer.

Vancouver Chinatown Foundation

Ahead of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival (see below), a new celebration is planned to light up a historic district of Vancouver.

The very first Light up Chinatown!, co-hosted by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation and the Vancouver Chinatown Business Improvement Area Society, will be held this weekend (September 11-12) with a lineup of musical performances, food events, entertainment, visual exhibits and many more that go beyond Chinese culture.

The two-day celebration begins with an opening ceremony at 11 a.m. on Saturday, September 11, with a lion dance and a performance by the Goh Ballet.

A main stage at the intersection of Columbia and Keefer streets will feature performances by singer Marie Hui, hip-hop dancers Now or Never Crew, DJs Niña Mendoza and Kubanito, children’s taiko group Chibi Taiko, Bonnie Northgraves Quartet, of the Madison Reunion Band, and Maestro Kenneth Hsieh with violinist Ken Lin.

eaucoup Bakery x Chinatown BBQ’s roast duck croissants
Rich won

A number of intercultural collaborations will be featured in the food offerings, such as:

  • Peking duck croissants from Many Bakery and Chinatown BBQ;
  • all day dim sum and Kam Wai Dim Sum cocktails with the Keefer Yard;
  • DD Mau Saturday Saigon Cocktail and Sunday Brunch.

The food component is already shaping up to be a resounding success as two culinary events – a multi-course Cantonese dinner accompanied by organic wines by Jade Dynasty with Juice Bar and a Sunday brunch by Bao Bei, Kissa Tanto and Nancy Go Yaya – took place. already sold.

Chinese restaurant prices

Alongside this festival, the second Taste of Chinatown by the Vancouver Chinatown Foundation is also presented.

This is a self-guided food tour of Chinatown, which covers over 25 recommended restaurants in the area, chosen by the Chinese Restaurant Awards Critics’ Choice.

Full details are available on the Light Up Chinatown website.

insjoy / Getty Images

This year, the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival, will take place on September 21.

Those who want to learn more about this annual moon celebration as well as the Cantonese language can attend a two-part online event at the Vancouver Public Library.

The first session, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 15, will feature Cantonese language classes for beginners, presented by Justin Cheng, Honorary Assistant Curator of the History Museum at Queen’s College Hong Kong.

Then on September 22, Wongs’ Benevolent Association Vice President Jeffrey Wong will teach attendees how to make a traditional pomelo lantern, which looks like a pumpkin.

This second session is presented during the new Fire Dragon Festival (see below).

For more information, visit the VPL website.

Fire Dragon Festival

After all these events there will be another new festival.

The inauguration Fire Dragon Festival and Yummy Noodle Festival will celebrate the Fire Dragon from September 24 to 26 during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This new festival is inspired by a hakka tradition that originated in Hong Kong more than a century ago of creating a dragon with straw and incense and dancing for several days in order to banish misfortunes.

In addition to fire dragon dance workshops, a fire dragon demonstration, and art installations, the festival will include mid-fall elements, such as lantern making, moon cake demonstrations, and bird watching. from the moon.

There will also be Chinese opera, storytelling, mahjong and more.

Meanwhile, the Noodlelicious Festival will feature Chinese noodles at participating restaurants in Chinatown.

This is all presented by the Culture and Heritage Working Group of the City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Legacy Stewardship Group, as well as the Vancouver Chinatown BIA Society, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, the Chinese Cultural Center. and the Chinatown Society Heritage Building Association.

Further information is available on the festival website.


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New York’s most exciting fall restaurant openings – New York Wed, 08 Sep 2021 06:13:52 +0000

2021 seemed like a tango lesson with the concept of time – sometimes we take a long break and other times we quickly take a step or two on a fuzzy dance floor. But through it all, tons of new restaurants are still planning to open, launch new pop-ups, and continue to impress us in new places. From seafood destinations to long-awaited wine bars, and a bunch of new neighborhood cafes across Brooklyn, New York’s restaurant scene is about to have a blazing fall season. We’ve rounded up some of the most exciting new openings that you’ll probably hear more about in a few months, so you may have some great things to look forward to from now on. This is our roundup of the 26 most exciting restaurant openings in New York City this fall.

Opening: September 8, 2021

This little Greenpoint taqueria on the corner of Franklin and Oak streets has been in soft open mode since early August, serving up what we think are the best new tacos in town. Their comal-cooked meats, like incredibly smooth tripa or a mixture of suadero and longaniza, remind us of what we ate in Mexico City (where one of the owners, Giovanni Cervantes, grew up). Taqueria Ramirez plans to start full service on Wednesday after Labor Day, with less than ten bar seats and outdoor standing. Each taco costs $ 4, and we’re assuming you’re not the only person trying to get your hands on one or more at the Taqueria Ramirez grand opening.

new York


New CDMX spot about to explode North Brooklyn’s taco scene


Opening: September 2021

If you live in Greenpoint, you may already spend part of your weekends strolling on Franklin Street. Well, come end of September, there will be a new place to discover. Serenco is an all-day cafe on the ground floor of the old pencil factory. The capacity will be around 70 people and they will serve seasonal dishes like grilled shrimp with salsa verde, pork chop with panzanella focaccia, pancakes and baked eggs during brunch.

new York

To guide:

The 23 best restaurants in Greenpoint


Opening: September 2021

The group of restaurants behind places like Quality Eats, Don Angie and Quality Meats are opening a new Eastern Mediterranean restaurant influenced by cuisines from Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Israel. The dinner menu includes everything from honey and harissa pancakes and whipped ricotta with saffron apricots, to lobster tagine and smoked lamb chops to wood-fired cherries. Zou Zou’s is located in the new Pendry Hotel on West 33rd Street between 9th and 10th Avenues (just off Ci Siamo).

new York

To guide:

9 great places to drink sake in New York City


new York

To guide:

The best new Mexican restaurants in New York City


Opening: fall 2021

A new seafood restaurant with another location in Astoria is coming to UWS very soon. El Fish Shack are the folks behind Tolache and Tacuba, and will specialize in fresh lobster, whole fish, and a bunch of other seafood options served grilled, steamed, grilled, or fried. If this new place looks like their first location in Queens, UWS will also have a new destination for seafood tacos, lobster macaroni and cheese and giant margaritas. The owner of this place has also just reopened the legendary Old John’s Luncheonette as the Old John’s Diner next door.

Opening: fall 2021

Melba’s, the legendary soul food spot in Harlem, serves fried chicken, catfish and waffles. But later this year, the owner will branch out with her own seafood restaurant on Lenox Avenue. With the help of a former chef from Vinateria, an Italian and Spanish spot in the neighborhood, the new Melba’s restaurant will specialize in a variety of mussel-based dishes.

new York

To guide:

Can you still get great egg custard in NYC?


Opening: fall 2021

Lolo’s Seafood Shack is a great place to enjoy a spectacular seafood dish of crab legs and shrimp in Harlem. The owners will soon be opening a second location on the Upper West Side, specializing in Mexican and Belizean street food. Lolo’s Taco Shack will serve dishes like lamb cheek, fried fish, and pork tacos, along with a bunch of snacks commonly sold on the streets of Belize like plantain-wrapped tamales, fried salbuts, and garnaches.

new York

To guide:

The New York Hits List: New York’s Best New Restaurants


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Catch Them While You Can: Limited Time Menus To Order This Month At These Restaurants Sat, 04 Sep 2021 03:30:32 +0000

Book now to take advantage of these exclusive menus before they end in September

Summer is almost over, which means these menus won’t be around for long. Over the past few weeks, try some exquisite British cuisine, Cantonese dishes with cheese (yes, it does work) and a specially developed menu tinged with nostalgia.

Alma by Juan Amador

Miéral Pigeon

It has been six years since the one Michelin star restaurant opened in Singapore. To celebrate the occasion, he presents a specially curated anniversary menu that includes signature dishes from Chef Juan Amador as well as dishes from Executive Chef Haikal Johari, derived from his memories of cooking and learning from his mentor.

Expect Euro-Asian classics like the ice cream starter with French butter sauce Iced Beurre Blanc, swordfish “Toro” (aged swordfish belly sashimi) and the star dish, Mieral Pigeon. The latter is a tender and juicy pigeon breast topped with an aromatic purple curry crust and paired with mashed coconut, diced fresh mangoes and pigeon juice.

Available now until September 30. Choose between the special menu for five-course lunch and dinner or a large menu for eight-course dinner. Enjoy a glass of Pierre Paillard “Les Parcelles” Bouzy Grand Cru Extra Brut champagne offered with each order of the Anniversary Box. More details here.

JAAN by Kirk Westaway

JAAN Organic Chicken by Kirk Westaway
Organic Chicken with Herb Potatoes

The newly awarded two Michelin star restaurant celebrates summer with another part of the #ReinventingBritish menu. Executive Chef Kirk Westaway puts a definitive mark on modern British cuisine through an innovative culinary lens, as evidenced by the four, five and six course menus.

Highlights include the Kristal Caviar Chicken Egg, an elegant take on British Eggs and Soldiers; hGrass infused Cornish snapper with fiddle courgette accompanied by a mixture of langoustine and king crab meat; and Organic Chicken with Herbed Potatoes, a humble-sounding dish that packs a punch. Cooked in three different ways and served over crispy kale, the chicken is garnished with a tender potato encrusted with parsley, chives and chervil, a robust sauce made from reserved chicken trimmings and a roasted sweet onion marmalade.

The summer menu is available from now until the third week of September. More details here.

Hua Ting Restaurant

American Cheese Pepper Jack with E-Fu Noodles and Pulled Duck
American Cheese Pepper Jack with E-Fu Noodles and Pulled Duck

Cheese and Cantonese cuisine? Why not? The 2021 World Gourmet Awards Hall Of Fame recipient offers a special dining experience by Chef Chung Lap Fai where he presents six dishes using a selection of American cheeses. From Golden Pumpkin Soup with Oaxacan Cheese Espuma from USA and Macadamia Nuts to Cheese American Pepper Catch with E-Fu Noodles and Grated Duck, diners will be in for a treat as it brings a creative twist to the dishes. traditional Cantonese dishes.

This menu is only available from now until September 9. More details here.

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This man kept $ 25,000 of the decor of Cecilia Chiang’s restaurant for 14 years. But was it his? Wed, 01 Sep 2021 11:03:08 +0000 After Cecilia Chiang’s pioneer Chinese restaurant in San Francisco, The Mandarin, closed in 2006, a longtime fan went to an auction and bought items for $ 25,000: paintings, seats of brown bar and piles of old menus that were believed to be remnants of the famous restaurant.

For 14 years, Nee Lau carefully kept items in stock. You could say that Lau is a super fan of Cecilia Chiang. When he opened his own Chinese restaurant in Menlo Park this year, he named it the Mandarin, although there is no official affiliation. Many dishes take inspiration from or directly recreate Chiang’s cuisine, an ode to the woman who died last fall.

“Why would I have it for 14 years?” Lau said articles. “It’s because it’s part of our culture. She introduced Chinese cuisine to people.

But it is now unclear whether his treasures actually came from Chiang’s original restaurant.

A large decorative vase, furniture, and artwork from what Nee Lau believed to be Cecilia Chiang’s Mandarin Restaurant.

Yalonda M. James / The Chronicle

When The Chronicle showed photographs from Lau’s collection to Chiang’s son, granddaughter, and two longtime former Mandarin employees, they did not recognize the objects. They wonder if the decorations are more from the second iteration of Mandarin. Chiang sold his restaurant in 1991 to Julian Mao, a former employee, who ran the Mandarin until it closed.

The Chronicle could not reach Mao. Charyn Auctions in Berkeley, where Lau purchased the items, only keeps sales records for 10 years. The owner said he could not remember any details about the mandarin auction or the seller.

As for Lau, he didn’t know the Mandarin had changed hands until The Chronicle informed him. Now, he said, he’s not sure he would have made the purchase had there been any doubt that the items were from Chiang’s restaurant.

But, he said, the discovery did not diminish his appreciation for his legacy and, in some ways, deepened his sense of connection with the late restaurateur.

“I’ve always admired her,” Lau said. “Everyone in the business does certain things to make money or to promote (their restaurants) but I think she was on top of that.”

Inside Cecilia Chiang's famous Mandarin restaurant in San Francisco.

Inside Cecilia Chiang’s famous Mandarin restaurant in San Francisco.

Provided by the Cecilia Chiang family

Chiang opened Mandarin on Polk Street in 1959. She has put more than 300 dishes on the menu, honoring regional Sichuan and Hunan cuisine while popularizing now common Chinese dishes like pot stickers and kung pao chicken. Lau said her reputation as a mentor to Bay Area chefs had marked him, even from afar, as had her ability to successfully open a Chinese restaurant in the 1960s in San Francisco as a woman from Shanghai. who did not speak Cantonese and was not a chef herself. .

The Mandarin then moved to a luxurious 300-seat space in Ghirardelli Square, where it also served as a showcase for art. Siena Chiang said her grandmother was an “amateur historian” with a reverence for Chinese art, especially because she was forced to abruptly leave her homeland.

“It was really important to her. She was still talking about it. She loved educating people about the art she owned, what artefacts were, ”said Siena Chiang.

Lau is a food addict from Guangdong Province who arrived in the United States 30 years ago. He first heard of the original Mandarin when it opened and dined there over the years; he even spoke to Cecilia Chiang once, at a private banquet she hosted in San Francisco with a chef from Chengdu. At his Mandarin restaurant, he aims to pursue Chiang’s mission of “bringing traditional Chinese cuisine to the American public.”

Patrons, however, won’t find Lau’s treasures on display at the restaurant; they would clash with its more modern decor, he said. Instead, they remain in storage at her mother’s house in Sacramento, where they have been sitting for over a decade.

Nee Lau, a restaurateur, kept for more than a decade a decor he believed came from Cecilia Chiang's famous restaurant, the Mandarin.

Nee Lau, a restaurateur, kept for more than a decade a decor he believed came from Cecilia Chiang’s famous restaurant, the Mandarin.

Yalonda M. James / The Chronicle

One piece from Lau’s collection seemed familiar to a former Mandarin employee: a wooden chest of drawers topped with a glass display case. The former worker recalled a similar display case Chiang used to display her cookbooks. The chest is Lau’s favorite room, and he remembers seeing it sitting at the Mandarin’s entrance.

Inside the display case is a large circular piece of wood carved with four Chinese characters that together signify longevity, Lau said, as well as a jade green bracelet and tile whose origins are unknown.

Inside the drawers are copies of old, undated menus, Mandarin brand soy sauce labels, and flyers from a Lunar New Year banquet in 2006. Someone even kept the 1979 edition of Holiday magazine’s pick of the best restaurants in North America. In it, the famous food and wine writer Robert Lawrence Balzer wrote that Mandarin “exists almost completely apart from other Chinese establishments as a temple of gastronomy”, highlighting dishes such as smoked duck and the beggar’s chicken.

Lau, a realist, resigns himself to the possibly mistaken origins of his collection. “For me, it doesn’t matter. I already have it, “he said.” It’s like that. “

But the saga ultimately led to a poignant experience for the restaurateur. After learning from The Chronicle about Lau’s collection, several of Chiang’s family members went to his restaurant to eat. They ordered a feast, he says, and together they talked about the woman they have in common. The cooking experience for Chiang’s descendants, he said, was far more meaningful than the items stored in Sacramento.

Siena Chiang said her grandmother had a strange ability to connect with people, from bus boys at the restaurants she frequented to the chefs she took under her wing.

“What was amazing about my grandmother was her ability to make an impact on the lives of people, that she had never met them,” she said. “It doesn’t surprise me at all that this person who chose to buy all his things at the restaurant chose to keep them and (it) had such an impact.

“It’s a testament to who she strived to be.”

Elena Kadvany is a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: Twitter: @ekadvany

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Two gourmet restaurants in Taipei file a complaint against the Michelin guide | Taiwan News Sat, 28 Aug 2021 08:10:00 +0000

Laureates of the Michelin Guide Taipei rewarded by starred restaurants.

(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Two fine dining restaurants in Taipei City are suing the much-loved Michelin Guide after refusing to be included in the rating of its anonymous restaurant inspectors.

The highly anticipated Guide Michelin Taipei 2021 was launched on Wednesday, August 25, presenting the fourth edition of the Taipei Guide and its second Taichung Guide.

Japanese restaurant Isosei in Songshan district and Cantonese restaurant Wokhei in Daan district sue the publisher of the iconic guide. Indeed, they received no response from the French tire company after the delivery of letters from their lawyer, according to PTS.

Lawyer Michael TH Yang (楊 代 華), who spoke on behalf of Isosei, appeared in Taipei District Court on Friday, August 27, claiming the guide does not disclose the backgrounds or identities of their inspectors, and does not provide the Assessment Procedures or Criteria. “With that, we don’t want to be included in their assessment.”

Isosei keeps a low profile and generally refuses media interviews.

Lawyer Edgar Tien (田振慶) said on behalf of the Cantonese restaurant that he did not accept a review from anonymous individuals and was wary of the French company’s star rating system.

Michelin was accused by Isosei of violating the right to prevent patent infringement and by Wokhei of defying his personality rights. Michelin Taiwan’s lawyers disagreed with the charges in court and all parties will meet again on October 12.

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All hail the mighty Primaduck Sat, 21 Aug 2021 21:14:00 +0000

EDL’s Roasted Duck Express in San Juan City serves dishes that make the most of the ducks in the group.

Most Filipinos primarily turn to chicken, pork, beef, or fish for their protein needs.

But if the EDL Group succeeds, duck will be added to these choices and will be more present in everyday meals. Duck meat, after all, is darker, juicier, and tastier than chicken, albeit more expensive.

It is this firm conviction in the great commercial potential of duck meat that has driven the EDL Group, a conglomerate engaged in the marketing and distribution, manufacture of veterinary products, breeding and production of organic food, to invest heavily four years ago in a 33 hectare complex. in Capas, Tarlac, with the intention of producing, among other things, a range of chef-approved duck products, including the precious Peking Duck which is a staple in Chinese restaurants.

EDL Group COO Eulo Lorenzo said his father, group founder Dr Eulalio Lorenzo, was also encouraged to invest in the duck industry by the influx of Chinese workers in the Philippines. .

These Chinese workers, the Filipino-Chinese community, and Filipinos who are familiar with Chinese cuisine presented an untapped market, especially since there are only about three local producers of premium duck meat.


COO Eulo Lorenzo

Drawing on her decades of experience in agriculture, she has developed her own expertise in raising ducks to the point where she can meet the needs of the best local restaurants and hotels serving duck dishes, especially Peking Duck. .

The EDL Group has been able to meet the requirements of demanding chefs because the large breed ducks are raised in state-of-the-art facilities that comply with strict biosecurity measures and supervised by consultants and breeders from France and Belgium, their ensuring high quality. .

To expand the market, Elder Lorenzo decided to offer the ducks under the Primaduck brand – developed under EDL Agritourism – at his casual restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan, called Yong-A Oriental Roast Duck and Roasted Duck Express.

The dishes were prepared there with the help of a Chinese roast duck expert based in China, who in turn trained the local chefs.

“This was another opportunity to serve roast duck lovers, providing them with freshly produced, locally produced, world-class Peking duck meat cooked properly the Cantonese way,” said Lorenzo.

Besides roast duck, Primaduck, which was also launched four years ago, has developed tocino, tapa, longganisa and other frozen duck products to enter Filipino homes.

“We have spent literally thousands of hours and sleepless nights in our R&D activities. Food safety is paramount, so there was an in-house food technician who oversaw all research and development. Competent and experienced chefs, as well as the owners were all part of the team that guaranteed the taste and quality of the products, ”said Lorenzo.


The Primaduck brand had already started making serious inroads in 2020 when the pandemic hit, and like most other companies, it was hit hard by plummeting sales with the

Dr Eulalio Lorenzo (right) and
his wife, Mayette, who manages
the hotel sector

the imposition of draconian quarantine controls.

“We have been affected by the pandemic, as have other companies in the food and beverage and hospitality industries. The restaurants we supplied have stopped or ordered less. Most of them offered buffets, so the lockdowns affected their operations and, in turn, our business with them, ”said Lorenzo.

EDL Group, however, is not about to throw in the towel, so immediately shifted gears and explored other ways to generate income to keep its 700 employees.

He explored new business models for Primaduck, tapped new distribution channels such as neighborhood supermarkets and restaurants, and new revenue streams such as e-commerce.

Larger scale

“We are now working on a larger scale distribution in Luzon. We have our online stores selling frozen duck products ( (, fresh whole duck meat and whole duck hams. Our Roasted Duck Express ( is also doing well online, ”said Lorenzo. , COVID-19 is still a threat and a danger. “

Managing Director of Yong-A
Catherine lorenzo

The EDL Group has had its share of business challenges in its nearly 30 years of operation, but COVID-19 has proven to be a more formidable adversary. What he taught the group is that he should always be on guard and ready to pivot immediately.

“We recognize that a business like ours has to continually innovate and pivot when necessary, this is the ultimate lesson for us, and can work for most businesses as well. So we are currently continuing to build a strong online presence because it is very efficient and cost effective, ”he said.

And despite the continued blockages that have hampered operations, the EDL Group remains optimistic about Primaduck.

“More people are being vaccinated and slowly we will be able to contain and eventually defeat this virus. And while there are many duck lovers out there, we will continue to bring them the best quality duck products. Filipinos are slowly but steadily accepting duck meat on their plates, ”said Lorenzo.

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Boma, buffets, and other dining experiences are coming to Walt Disney World Sat, 21 Aug 2021 18:54:04 +0000

Now is the right time to be greedy and visit Walt Disney World Resort. Some favorite dining experiences are back and new ones have arrived this week that are sure to be thrilled!

First of all, Boma – Flavors of Africa is reopening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Cooking stations are back in Boma in the morning again, offering creamy porridge, turkey bobotie, pancakes, waffles, salmon-stuffed eggs, and delicious freshly baked food from Boma’s bakery for those who want to eat. have breakfast there.

Dinner at Boma sees the return of the rotisserie area. It offers pork chops, salmon, African spiced strip loin, Durban roast chicken and lamb bobotie. The kids’ station again offers pasta and meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and chicken bites. There’s also a rotating selection of soups, stews, and chowders, as well as tasty salads like Berber chickpea salad and North African cauliflower salad. The Zebra Domes have also made a comeback.

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom itself, the Kusafiri Cafe and Bakery will reopen on August 29. With its reopening, there will be new appetizers to taste. These include:

  • Spiced Potato Pies – Vegetables and potatoes coated in batter served with harissa aioli and cilantro chutney
  • Marinated Chicken Flatbread Sandwich – Marinated chicken topped with a salad of cucumber and tomatoes, tahini sauce and greens, served with homemade fries
  • Red Chili Hot Dog – Spicy hot dog topped with cucumber-tomato salad and harissa aioli served with homemade fries

At the Magic Kingdom, the Crystal Palace will again offer a lunch and dinner buffet starting September 12. Guests will enjoy Parker House rolls, create their own fresh garden salad, seared pork tenderloin, fire roasted prime rib, braised prime rib and more.

At Cinderella’s Castle, Cinderella’s Royal Table offers breakfast again from August 27. Reservations open on August 24.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the Dockside Dinner reopens on August 22. This place has plenty of outdoor seating and is next to Echo Lake. It will also offer new offers when it reopens.

  • Shrimp Salad Roll – Shrimps, arugula, tomatoes, marinated minced fennel and sliced ​​radish mixed with a remoulade sauce on a butter brioche bun served with seasoned house fries
  • Chipotle Chicken Salad Roll – Roasted pulled chicken salad with red onions, celery, tomatoes and watercress mixed with chipotle aioli and topped with fried onions on a buttery brioche bun served with seasoned house fries
  • Smoked fish dip served with seasoned homemade chips, celery, carrots, jalapeños and pickles
  • Seaside Brownie – Chocolate brownie topped with white chocolate ganache and seaside topping
  • Blue Sea Margarita – Tequila, Blue and Sweet and Sour Curacao

At EPCOT in the German pavilion, the Biergarten restaurant was opened but the buffet is now back! Starting August 29, a buffet will be offered for lunch and dinner. Food will include pretzel rolls, bratwurst sausage, spätzle, cutlets and a variety of desserts including apple strudel and black forest rolls.

At the Chinese pavilion, the Nine Dragons restaurant is once again open for dinner. It offers Cantonese, Mongolian, Szechuan, Hunan and Kiangche style specialties. Currently open Tuesday through Saturday, guests can start a meal with Szechuan chicken dumplings, crispy duck rolls, or the house’s sweet and sour soup. Starters include entrees such as Kung Pao Duo, Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Spicy Honey Crispy Chicken, and Kowloon Ribs.

The EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival presented by CORKCICLE also opened seven new global markets on August 15th.

Ireland (near UK)


  • Fisherman’s Seafood Pie
    • Roasted Irish Sausage with Colcannon Potatoes and Onion Sauce
    • Hot Chocolate Pudding Cake with Irish Cream Custard


  • Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale
    • Bunratty Mead Honey Wine
    • Guinness Baileys Shake

Spain (between Italy and Germany)


  • Charcuterie with a selection of imported Spanish meats, cheeses and olives with a herbal vinaigrette (gluten / wheat free)
  • Spanish paella with rice, chorizo ​​and shrimp (gluten / wheat free)
  • Seafood salad with shrimps, bay scallops, mussels, extra virgin olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and smoked paprika (gluten / wheat free)


  • Estrella Galicia Cerveza Especial Lager (New)
  • White Avaline Mix (New)
  • Faustino VII Rioja Rosado (New)
  • Grenache d’Espelt
  • Theft of wines

The Alps (near Germany)


  • Warm Swiss raclette cheese with ham from the Alps, baby potatoes, pickles and baguette
  • Warm Swiss raclette cheese with baby potatoes, pickles and baguette
  • Blueberry and almond frangipane tart with crème fraîche


  • Huber Vision Grüner Veltliner, Austria (new)
  • Cave De La Côte Rosé Gamay, Romand
  • René Favre Dôle, Chamoson
  • Iced Rosé
  • Theft of wines

Kenya (Outpost)


  • Kenyan cafe barbecue beef tenderloin with sweet potatoes and corn flour and kachumbari coleslaw (gluten / wheat free)
  • Piri piri shrimp skewer with citrus-flavored couscous


India (near China) – Opening October 1


  • Hot Indian Bread with Pickled Garlic, Mango & Cilantro Pesto Dips
  • Chicken Korma with Basmati Rice, Crispy Chickpeas and Spicy Yogurt Sauce (gluten / wheat free)
  • Red Madras curry with roasted cauliflower, baby carrots, chickpeas and Ben’s original basmati rice (gluten / wheat free; herbal)


  • Mango lassi (non alcoholic)
  • Taj Mahal Premium Lager (New)
  • Sparkling wine Sula Brut Tropicale, Nashik (New)
  • Sula Chenin Blanc, Nashik
  • Mango Lassi with Sōmrus Chai Cream Liqueur

Selected dishes featuring products from Melissa

NEW! Lobster Landing (near mission: SPACE)


  • New England Lobster Tail with Lobster Bisque Sauce (New)
  • Lobster chowder with bacon, corn, potatoes and oyster crackers (New)
  • Baked Lobster Dip with Old Bay Chips (gluten / wheat free; New)


  • Coronado Brewing Co. Salty Crew Blonde Ale, San Diego, CA (New)
  • Steenberg Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa (New)
  • Sean Minor Chardonnay, California (New)
  • Cape Codder: Vodka with Cranberry, Pomegranate and Lime (New)

Selected dishes featuring Melissa’s products

NEW! Mac & Eats (near the mission: SPACE)


  • Traditional Mac and Cheese with Herb Panko
  • Truffle Macaroni and Cheese with Herb Panko (New)
  • Macaroni and cowboy cheese with smoked pork belly, burnt breast tips, pickled peppers and onion straws (New)
  • Macaroni and cheese with homemade Italian sausage and peppers (herbal)


  • 81Bay Brewing Co. Lemon Hazy IPA, Tampa, FL (New)
  • L’Ecole No. 41 Chenin Blanc Old Vines, Columbia Valley, WA
  • Evolution by Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley, OR

Selected dishes featuring Melissa’s products

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10 best places to eat Chinese Sat, 21 Aug 2021 15:01:10 +0000

Image Courtesy: Israel Albornoz via Unsplash

There are days when you cook a meal for yourself or the family, and then there are days when you order from one of San Antonio’s many Chinese restaurants. Either way, everyone is happy and fed. If you’ve called too much from one place, try switching it up with one of these Chinese restaurants!

Chinese food in San Antonio – Best Chinese restaurants

Chinese Cafe Phoenix

Chinese in San Antonio

Image Courtesy: Phoenix Chinese Cafe

The Phoenix Chinese Café is a cozy joint located on the corner of a shopping plaza. The family-run place serves delicious Chinese in the most traditional way. It is one of the favorite Chinese restaurants in San Antonio. Try from their authentic menu or order a well-known favorite.

Or: 11821 West Ave, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Royal Inn Oriental Cuisine

If you are looking for a Chinese person who will not disappoint no matter what you order, Royal Inn is for you. This restaurant offers a modern take on Chinese cuisine. With fresh ingredients, you won’t feel guilty!

Or: 5440 Babcock Road, San Antonio, Texas 78240

Golden wok

Dim Sum San Antonio

Image Courtesy: Golden Wok

For over thirty years, the Golden Wok has been a staple of Chinese San Antonio cuisine. With two locations, Golden Wok is easily accessible. You can create your own stir-fry, choose from a variety of dim sum, and more.

Or: 8822 Wurzbach Road, San Antonio, Texas 78240

Singaporean Chinese

Chinese take-out may remind you of your college nights… that’s why it’s only fitting that Singapore II is located near UTSA. This menu also offers Cantonese-style dishes.

Or: 7114 UTSA Boulevard Suite 105, San Antonio, Texas 78249

Sichuan House

Entrance of Sichuan

Image courtesy of Maison du Sichuan

If you like your spicy Chinese cuisine, head to Sichuan House. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in San Antonio, known for its main dishes like Kung Pao shrimp and Sichuan tapas!

Or: 3505 Wurzbach Rd # 103, San Antonio, Texas 78238

Best food deals right now in San Antonio

Looking to save money? Check out this list of San Antonio restaurants with the best deals in town!

Parents eating with son in restaurant

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Chinese food in San Antonio – Best Chinese restaurants continued

Soybean germ

Bean sprouts are a popular vegetable in East and Southeast Asia. But don’t worry, the Chinese restaurant in San Antonio is much more than that. They serve classic Chinese entrees and also sushi rolls!

Or: 25 NE Interstate 410 Loop # 119, San Antonio, TX 78216

Silver Star Coffee

Chinese San Antonio

Image Courtesy: Silver Star Café

This Chinese restaurant serves huge portions. It is a family business that has been in existence for over 55 years. There are traditional dishes like Mongolian beef or even the option of American food for those who don’t venture out.

Or: 4901 S Flores St, San Antonio, Texas 78214

Gold Star Coffee

The Golden Star Cafe is located near downtown San Antonio. Of course, there is a twist to this Chinese food. There are Chinese, American and Mexican dishes! The restaurant looks like a hole in the wall but we promise the food is delicious.

Or: 821 W Commerce St, San Antonio, Texas 78207

Ming’s thing

Chinese in San Antonio

Image courtesy of Ming’s Thing

You may remember his meals at the Pearl Farmers Market… but forget about the stall and say hello to the new Chinese restaurant in San Antonio! Ming’s offers favorite street food in a modern setting. You now have more choices to order.

Or: 914 E Elmira St, San Antonio, TX 78212

Chinese Sun Sun

If you are looking for good seated Chinese, look no further than Sun Sun. With traditional Chinese dishes like Broccoli Beef or Sweet and Sour Chicken, you’ll love the portion and the service!

Or: 5137 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas 78229

Honestly, you try your luck every time you order at a new restaurant. But these Chinese restaurants are on the list for a reason… delicious food, great lunch specials, and big portions – try one the next time you feel like calling your usual Chinese restaurant!

Check out our Food and Drink page for more of the best places to eat in San Antonio!

To get these and other fun activities in your feed, follow us on Facebook by clicking the… next to the search goal icon.

Mirella Gonzales
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The best pastry chefs opt for innovative toppings in moon cakes this year Wed, 11 Aug 2021 02:01:42 +0000

While the Mid-Autumn Festival may be over six weeks away, we’re already starting to see wonderful displays of moon cake boxes and sets galore. Even more delicious is the incredible array of flavors that are now available, from nut and fig to tea-flavored egg custards. We talk to some of the brilliant minds behind the cakes to find out what inspired them to pursue the path beyond the lotus.

According to Michelin-starred chef Tang Chi Keung, Chinese culinary master of The Peninsula hotels, “the new flavors of moon cake were conceptualized a year ago. We’ve explored ingredients that pair well with our classic lotus seed paste, as well as our legendary egg custard filling. We introduced Red Date and South Date lotus seed paste because dates are considered essential tonic ingredients for health. The walnut and fig moon cake has an excellent texture and complements the egg custard well. We are happy to see that the new flavors have been well received by customers.

If you are really looking to impress, the beautiful Star Chef Moon Gazing Gift Box ($ 2,288) comes with new flavors of moon cake, as well as a set of hand painted porcelain tea cups and plates.

Various locations including: The Peninsula Arcade, Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, +852 2696 6969

To celebrate the hotel group’s 50th anniversary, a team of chefs from across the region have come together to create Shangri-La’s 50-year-old mandarin, rose and red bean moon cakes.

“The dazzling splendor of these limited edition moon cakes is our invitation to celebrate Shangri-La’s golden anniversary with our loyal guests. Our master chefs have skillfully fused the citrus flavor of 50-year-old mandarin peel into the velvety red bean paste. To further enrich this delicious treat, we’ve also infused the heavenly scent of rose petals.

In addition to their limited edition moon cake box ($ 888), Shangri-La also has a wide range of traditional moon cakes and party baskets.

Various locations including: Island Shangri-La, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, +852 2877 3838

Christophe Younes, co-founder of the brand, said of their new selection this year: “We understand the legacy of the moon cake made from lotus paste. We chose the more modern egg custard recipe and wanted to give it a signature French and Paul Lafayet touch by choosing the most popular tea flavored macaroon we offer. Then we decided to enhance the experience by pairing it with tea leaves.

This year’s Artistic Mooncake gift box design ($ 374 early bird, $ 498 regular price) was made in collaboration with French illustrator Emilie Sarnel. The two-layer octagonal gift set consists of four locally produced tea cream moon cakes and four matching selections of premium loose tea.

Various locations including: Shop 1104B, Podium Level One, ifc mall Central, +852 2543 9800

Executive Chef Lee Tak Sum is the creative mind behind the hotel group’s very first box of moon cakes.

“For The House Collective’s first moon cake set, we wanted to curate flavors for all palates with a modern approach. One of my favorites out of the four flavors is the Mini Moon Cake with Assorted Nuts and Dried Figs. You will be able to taste the crunchy and chewy textures of the delicious blend of specially selected dried dates, apricots, cashews, almonds, cranberries and Turkish figs.

Carefully designed and stylish, these moon cakes ($ 415 early bird, $ 488 regular price) come packaged in a convenient, eco-friendly wooden box that’s ready to serve a new purpose as soon as you’ve finished your last bite.

The Upper House, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, +852 2918 1838

This year’s creations are by Chinese executive chef Hung Chi-Kwong of the one-Michelin-starred Cantonese restaurant Rùn. Her star moon cakes are the 15-year-old mini moon cake with red bean paste and mandarin peel.

“Tangerine Peel, also known as chen pi is a Chinese herb used in traditional recipes and also offers a subtle citrus flavor. At 15 years old, the zest of mandarin reinforces a more refined fragrance that contrasts with the richness of the red bean paste, ”he explains. “Everyone is looking for a healthier, conscious lifestyle and diet, the same goes when they choose their mid-fall indulgence. While traditional moon cake with lotus paste may be too sweet, red bean is used as a natural sweetener and tangerine zest is used to pair the sweetness with a refreshing kick.

All moon cakes will be presented in an elegant box that reinterprets traditional Chinese designs and takes inspiration from André Fu’s design for Rùn’s interior. The six-piece moon cake set starts from $ 428 at early bird prices.

2 / F Rùn, The St. Regis Hong Kong, One Harbor Drive, Wan Chai, +852 2138 6808

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