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Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday announced that the state of Texas would strengthen border security along the Texas-Mexico border, and for the first time, Abbott said that includes building a Wall.

In one interview along with Bob Price of Breitbart Texas, Abbott said the state would “immediately” begin building border fences along portions of the Texas-Mexico border where illegal immigrants cross easily. One area that will focus is the Del Rio sector. The Del Rio area has seen agents arrest 27,890 illegal immigrants. This is an increase of 1,118% from the May 2020 report of 2,289 apprehensions. recently published an article detailing the change in border crossings at Del Rio and how crime has increased due to illegal crossings.

Governor Abbott Told Breitbart Texas that the new security measures would mean more prisons would be needed.

The governor explained that the barriers serve two functions in the fight against illegal border crossings. The first being physical deterrence. The second, “If they (the migrants) move or interfere with this barrier, they have committed several crimes.

These crimes include criminal mischief, vandalism of state or local government property, and criminal trespassing.

In addition, the recent declaration of a state of emergency by the state of Texas has increased the sentences for these crimes by one level.

“That means up to 180 days in prison,” Abbott continued. “Something that might be a Class B offense right now has turned into a Class A offense. And so they can have a lot of problems.

Questions remain. How much will it cost the state? And when will these actions be completed. Also, will there be a wall or a barrier? And what is the difference. Speaking with Breitbart, the governor talked about using barriers. At the summit, the governor used the word wall.

Hopefully more information will be released in the next week.

WATCH: Here are America’s 50 Best Beach Towns

Each beach town has its own set of pros and cons, which got us thinking about what makes a beach town the best place to live. For the knowledge, Stacker consulted WalletHub data, published on June 17, 2020, which compares American seaside towns. Ratings are based on six categories: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. The towns had a population of 10,000 to 150,000, but they had to have at least one local beach listed on TripAdvisor. Read it full methodology here. From these rankings, we selected the top 50. Readers who live in California and Florida will not be surprised to learn that many of the cities featured here are in one of these two states.

Read on to see if your favorite beach town has made the cut.

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England’s most beautiful villages unveiled Thu, 10 Jun 2021 10:50:00 +0000

A pretty cobbled square, thatched roofs, dry stone walls, gardens full of rosebushes, a medieval church, the sound of a trickle of steam or the lapping of the waves on the harbor, children clutching crab lines , a tea room serving fresh scones, a friendly pub and tons of community spirit – all make for a quintessential English village recipe.

With stays in full swing this summer, Brits looking for a slice of traditional England in all its glory have a plethora of perfect hamlets to choose from – whether it’s a village of Cornish fishermen, a Yorkshire waterhole tucked away in a small cove or small parish in Hampshire

To help you on your way, our experts have unearthed 30 bucolic delicacies to discover.

The most beautiful villages in England to visit in 2021

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Tom Ough explains, “This Cotswold village is worth two streets of ridiculously cute stone cottages, plus a pair of ridiculously cute pubs and a ridiculously cute church. Lush hills overlook the village. There is a low bridge over it. a river. A market cross. (No castle, really, just the remains of a very old mound and poultry yard.) Flowers caress the terraced cottages that line the narrow main road, creating the effect of a very scented blower.

“Castle Combe is therefore proclaimed the most beautiful village in England, in the same way that the US military is proclaimed the most powerful army in the world. No one really wants to test them because they know they would be wiped out. . “

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Safe Trips: Paddle the Adirondacks on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail Wed, 09 Jun 2021 18:39:11 +0000

Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series that features things to do in upstate New York while we still experience the Covid-19 pandemic. Before venturing out, please take appropriate precautions and check availability and any changes to the opening hours of marinas and boat launch sites. Safe travel!

Some consider it to be the river equivalent of the Appalachian Trail.

It’s the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, a 740 mile canoe route that begins in the Adirondacks and ends in Fort Kent, Maine. The course takes paddlers – canoeists and kayakers – on rivers, streams and lakes, with a few portages.

The Upstate New York section stretches for over 150 miles and offers numerous entry and exit points. Paddling the waterways along the route makes for a scenic and enjoyable day, or a multi-day paddling adventure. And yes, there are campsites and lean-tos for camping, not to mention more comfortable accommodation in neighboring villages.

The New York section begins at First Lake public beach in Old Forge and continues along the Fulton Chain of Lakes. The route continues through Long Lake to the Raquette River, then through Saranac Lakes and the Saranac River to Plattsburgh on Lake Champlain. From there, the journey continues to the northern end of Lake Champlain to the waterways of Vermont, New Hampshire and Quebec, Canada, and ends in Maine.

This article will focus only on the New York section and will contain excerpts from interviews with Chris Morris, trail director of communications, and Karrie Thomas, its executive director.

A scene at Franklin Falls Pond, which is on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in the Adirondacks. Photo by Mike Lynch.

Is the course reserved for canoes? No, many sections of the trail for paddling by kayak – and more recently on paddle boards.

Where to stay, camp: The route passes through four villages (Old Forge, Inlet, Long Lake and Saranac Lake) and ends in Plattsburg. All of them offer motels, guesthouses and Airbnbs. Plus, there are lean-tos, DEC campgrounds, and places to pitch a tent along the Fulton Chain of Lakes and Long Lake. Campsite reservations are required for state-run campgrounds on 8th Lake, Forked Lake, Long Lake, and the Saranac Lake Islands. You can find free sites, some with lean-tos, along the Raquette River downstream from the falls, at Stony Creek Pond, and again on the Saranac River downstream from Saranac Lake.

All in all, a fairly flat water paddle? For the majority. There are whitewater rapids between Lake Saranac and Plattsburgh. It is easy to carry around them.

Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Canoeists descend rapids on the Saranac River on the North Forest Canoe Trail. Photo by Mike Lynch.

Portage: There are 10 portages between Old Forge and Saranac Lake, the longest being Forked Lake to the Raquette River (1.5 miles). Once at Saranac Lake, the road continues along the Saranac River to Plattsburgh to Lake Champlain. Most portages are less than half a mile in length. Some simply bypass dams and rapids. At lower water levels, paddlers may have to walk in the water and pull their boats to avoid scratching rocks.

Most popular stretch: From the Vieille Forge to the Lac de Saranac (ending with the Lac aux Fleurs in the village). This is the course of the Adirondack Canoe Classic competition, also known as 90 miles. This year’s competition, which is co-hosted by Northern Forest Canoe Trail, will run from September 10-11.

Entry and exit points: A seasoned and fit paddler can cover the 90 miles in a day, but for the most part, that’s unrealistic. Most lay things out for a few days or even a week. Many only do sections of the route. For maps of the sections, as well as entry and exit points, see the maps on the trail website.

Fun things to do: The villages of Old Forge, Inlet, Long Lake and Saranac Lake are teeming with music, festivals and more all summer long. Consult the websites of the chambers of commerce in each of these communities for the calendar of activities.

Landscapes, fauna: Each stretch offers revealing Adirondack scenery, Morris said. His favorite section of New York is from Long Lake to Stony Creek. “No matter what time of year you go, the Raquette River is beautiful,” he said. “At higher water levels, it almost feels like you’re in the south, paddling through the cypress trees in the bayou. In the summer it is incredibly lush and green, and of course in the fall, due to the high number of maples, the foliage is amazing.

In terms of wildlife, Morris continued, “You have a great variety of birds, from herons and eagles to hawks and all kinds of songbirds. It is quite common to see beavers, otters and muskrats, and maybe sometimes fishing cats. If you are very lucky you will see a moose, although this is much more common in Maine.

Can you rent a canoe, camping gear for paddling and camping on the course? Yes. There are five outfitters in partnership with the Northern Forest Canoe Trail between Old Forge and Saranac Lake, where you can rent a canoe or kayak for the trail, get camping gear and even a guide. The trail website also includes a map of grocery stores and other services along the way.

How are the bugs? Usually late May to early July can be tough with black flies and mosquitoes on rivers and small streams, but not as bad on large lakes on the road. Barn flies and deer flies are more of a problem later in the summer. Things calm down in the fall. It is a good idea to dress appropriately (long sleeves and pants) and be equipped with bug spray.

Deposit of food, equipment: Paddlers along the route do this in several ways. Some people send items to post offices in communities along the route or make arrangements with outfitters. Some contact the Northern Forest Canoe Trail office, which has staff and volunteers who live along the route. And others are using the Northern Forest Canoe Trail Adirondack Outpost, 84 Main Street in Saranac Lake to drop off food and gear. Contact Morris at to learn more about this.

For more information on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, see the trail site.


Safe Travels: Tips for the Upstate NY Newbie Camper

Adirondack hiking challenges for novices, dog owners, beer drinkers who can get you a patch

Safe Travel: What Every Beginner Hiker Should Know About Hiking the High Peaks of the Adirondacks

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Safe Travels: 9 Challenging Hikes To Enjoy The Great Outdoors This Spring, Summer

10 things a beginner should know about fishing in upstate New York

First time visiting the Adirondacks? What to do in this famous New York State park

Safe Travels: 26 Day Trip Ideas in Upstate New York, A-Z


Fishing gear | Camouflage masks | Hunting equipment | Camping supplies

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NJ man gets 5 years in prison for stealing $ 2.5 million Tue, 08 Jun 2021 22:15:02 +0000

An 80-year-old man from Hainesport has been sentenced to five years in state prison for stealing more than $ 2.5 million over 14 years from his employer, said Burlington County District Attorney Scott Coffina .

Charles Esposito was sentenced in Superior Court on May 21.

Esposito had been an accounting director at Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope in Moorestown. The company began investigating suspicion of forgery stemming from a handwritten check for $ 18,500.

Prosecutors said Esposito was accused of making 243 bogus transactions between 2005 and April 2019.

He had already pleaded guilty in February 2020 to second degree theft by deception and non-payment of third degree taxes.

“Theft of any kind can be devastating for a business,” Coffina said in a written statement. “The prosecutor’s office and our law enforcement partners are ready to assist businesses as needed when criminal activity is suspected. “

Kinky Doctors, Masseurs in NJ: Sexual Misconduct License License

Over a one-year period, state professional and professional commissions obtained the licenses of 20 professionals accused or convicted of sexual misconduct. For some, it’s permanent.

WATCH: Here are America’s 50 Best Beach Towns

Each beach town has its own set of pros and cons, which got us thinking about what makes a beach town the best place to live. For the knowledge, Stacker consulted WalletHub data, published on June 17, 2020, which compares American seaside towns. Ratings are based on six categories: affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life. The towns had a population of 10,000 to 150,000, but they had to have at least one local beach listed on TripAdvisor. Read it full methodology here. From these rankings, we have selected the top 50. Readers who live in California and Florida won’t be surprised to learn that many of the cities featured here are in one of these two states.

Read on to see if your favorite beach town has made the cut.

WATCH: Most famous actor born every year

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The village square of Pano Arodes gets a makeover Tue, 08 Jun 2021 09:21:45 +0000

The square in the village of Pano Arodes has been given a makeover thanks to the efforts of the local tourist office, the deputy minister of tourism.

The work, which is part of a broader action plan underway in the district, aims to offer an “aesthetic and functional upgrade of the traditional café and the square”, announced the regional tourist office of Paphos.

“Thanks to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Tourism and the Paphos Regional Tourist Board, which are being implemented to modernize and solve the problems in the communities, various modernization actions have recently been completed in Pano Arodes Square”, did he declare.

The improvements include replacing the plastic chairs and iron tables at the community cafe with traditional wooden chairs, removing the multi-colored promotional umbrella and replacing it with two “substantial” umbrellas that match the architecture and colors of the building. place and planting flowers around the place, he said.

In addition, there is ongoing maintenance and painting of the rest of the objects used by the public, such as benches, bins, etc., as well as the replacement of metal signs.

This Arodes cafe in the square is located behind the church of Agios Kalandionas. It’s a welcoming stone space, with a unique picturesque courtyard and several trees, he noted.

“As the regional tourism office of Paphos, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, we will intensify efforts for the implementation of a series of actions in various communities of the district of Paphos under the plan of ‘action for 2021, and using the sponsorship plans and measures of the Ministry of Tourism,’ he said.

The aim is to improve the services offered, the aesthetics and the functionality of the different spaces in order to make the communities of Paphos more attractive, the local tourism board concluded.

The village is located on the Laona plateau, 590 meters above sea level – on the edge of the Akamas nature reserve.

It is surrounded by vineyards and orchards and is home to many varieties of flora and fauna.

The church is considered by some to be the only one in the world dedicated to Ayios Kalandionas, who is also the patron saint of the village.

The neighboring village of Kato Arodes was predominantly Turkish Cypriot until the Turkish invasion of 1974.

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Samantha and Brandon Luciens Mansion Wedding Photos Mon, 07 Jun 2021 15:57:37 +0000

This post was written by a member of the community.

Congratulations to Samantha and Brandon on their beautiful wedding! The couple got married on April 16, 2021 at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin NJ. We are delighted to be able to present these beautiful Wedding photos at the Manoir de Lucien on our website!

Before the wedding, Samantha and Brandon exchanged gifts through a teapot. We thought this was a unique take on a gift exchange, be sure to check out their Wedding photos at the Manoir de Lucien. They are absolutely awesome! At their wedding they used #sayyesfool which we also found to be absolutely creative.

As many people know, weddings take a village. Samantha and her bridesmaid got ready together. Samatha wore a haunting strapless dress. Her bridesmaid wore a light pink dress that complemented Samantha’s wedding dress. Meanwhile, Brandon wore a white suit with a gorgeous buttonhole. While his groomsmen wore black suits.

Their ceremony was very bright and joyful. As Samantha walked down the aisle, Brandon got very emotional and excited as Samantha approached the altar. You could tell how much they love each other during the ceremony.

After their wishes, the reception also took place at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin NJ. The couple and their families took breathtaking photos in front of a picturesque gazebo. Lucien Manor is known for its extravagant wedding ballrooms. You will most likely see the wedding party descending its extraordinary staircase.

At the reception, you can also attend an effervescence in Wedding photos at the Manoir de Lucien because he was surprised by his own wedding cake! The groom’s cake was soccer themed and looked delicious!

The couple had a blast on the dance floor with their guest. What a fantastic day filled with so much endless energy. Our photographers have successfully captured the pure love and joy in your Wedding photos at the Manoir de Lucien We are delighted that we can be part of such a memorable day.

Congratulations again to Samantha and Brandon on their wedding day! We wish you a happy future together.

Check us out here for pictures:

https: //www.enchantedcelebrati …

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Everything you need to know about Cobbold Gorge in Queensland Sun, 06 Jun 2021 23:43:20 +0000

Cobbold Gorge. Heard spoken? If you’re like everyone else we asked you probably aren’t, but this incredible gorge hidden in the vast outback is right here in our own state of Queensland, and it’s not even hard to get to. So why does no one know? Well it might have something to do with the long road trip you have to do to get there, but trust us when we say stand-up paddle boarding through this amazingly beautiful gorge is worth it. really the detour – in fact we would have driven twice as far.

About a six hour drive west of Cairns, Cobbold Gorge was found on a cattle pasture property in the early 1990s. It formed just 10,000 years ago, making it Queensland’s youngest gorge, but still the most spectacular. A deep stream runs through a narrow sandstone gorge that is as serene as it is breathtaking, with cliffs rising 10 meters above. Sold while traveling? Read on for everything you need to know about planning a visit.

How to get to Cobbold Gorge

You will find Cobbold Gorge along the Savannah Way in far north Queensland. We landed in Cairns and hired a car to drive the six hours west, but you can also fly to Townsville which is a seven hour drive away. Once you get past Ravenshoe there aren’t many towns so we recommend you pack plenty of snacks and water. Be warned, the last 80 miles of the ride is also mostly gravel, including a small creek crossing or two, so a 4×4 can be a good idea, although this is doable in a small car (from experience). And be sure to take the route that heads south from Georgetown, because if there is another route it involves much rougher gravel roads.

Where to stay in Cobbold Gorge

Your best option is to stay in the gorge village itself – the nearest other accommodation is an hour’s drive along this dirt road. Cobbold Gorge has plenty of options for you, from fully equipped cabins (reasonably priced at $ 160 a night) to caravans and campsites if you prefer to do it rough. There are barbecues and a camp kitchen if you remember to pack enough food, but if not, the bistro and bar on the grounds are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and cook homemade meals. (and a hell of a good coffee). There’s even an infinity pool with a swim-up bar – talk about luxury.

view through the front window of a helicopter, looking at the scenery below

How to see Cobbold Gorge

The only way to see the gorge itself is on a guided tour, with SUP and boat trips (but you really should do both). The SUP tour was our favorite part of the trip – nothing compares to slowly paddling the gorge, while enjoying – tours are limited to six people, so sometimes you’ll have sections of the gorge all to yourself (take a camera). And before you ask, yes there are freshwater crocodiles, but they are more afraid of you than you are of them and swim at the slightest disturbance, so you have nothing to worry about.

Boat tours will give you the same view from a narrow, flat-bottomed boat, and you’ll learn all about how the gorge formed, when it was discovered, and how deep the water really is. The real reason you also have to do the boat tour is that it includes a walk to the new glass bottom bridge over the gorge, which offers stunning views of the curved sandstone passage of up. Take some water – it might be the coolest season, but it is still very hot here.

Sky view of the sandstone formations at Cobbold Gorge

See the gorges from above

It’s a once in a lifetime place, so don’t skimp and take a helicopter ride to see it from above. While you can make short 15 and 30 minute scenic flights with Cobbold Gorge helicopter pilot, we highly recommend the Sunset Heli-Picnic. You’ll jump into the helicopter (after pulling straws to see who will be in the first front seat) and fly over the gorge for a quick peek before sitting on a nearby cliff to watch the sunset from a chair camp, a drink in hand. They’ll even provide you with a cheese platter to snack on while you take in the views. Trust us, you have never seen a sunset like this before. Once the last rays have passed below the horizon, it is time to review the landscape from above, returning to the village, only now, by the soft light of the golden hour. Marvel at the perfect rows of sandstone formations so perfectly even that they seem almost man-made and, of course, take a peek down the gorge from above.

person on a sup in a throat

Things you should know

first of all, Cobbold Gorge is only open from April to October, during the dry season, as it is inaccessible during the rainy season, so plan your trip accordingly. Second, don’t expect to find good phone reception anywhere, well. We left 4G behind once we reached the Savannah Way and didn’t get it again until we got back to Ravenshoe. Cobbold Village has free Wi-Fi, but only around the reception and bistro building, so keep Instagramming until you get home and warn your family that they won’t be able to reach you. As good as Cobbold Gorge is a popular tourist spot, you head to the outback folks – pack plenty of water and snacks, plan your trip so that you don’t drive after dusk or before dawn (when you are more at risk hitting wildlife or livestock on the road) and let someone know your route just in case. And lastly, you should definitely stop for fries at Georgetown Roadhouse, because these are the best fries you have ever eaten. No kidding.

If you are flying to Cairns, here is the best hotels to spend the night.

Image credit: Ranyhyn Laine

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10 things to know about 401 (k) s | Personal finance Fri, 04 Jun 2021 20:30:00 +0000

Many American retirees are looking to age in place, while others who have said goodbye to the workplace are looking for new premises. There are plenty of choices, how do they decide?

Some ways to narrow down the list include get closer to the grandchildren or move to a vacation spot that has generated family memories over the years. People who have the high tax blues and the cold can find a lot of tax advantageous, warmer settings to establish new roots. Those who want to stay active with outdoor recreation or playing golf have their choice of communities near well-maintained club courses and wide open spaces.

Big cities have advantages, just like small towns with safe streets and quiet neighborhoods. Some of the best choices are idyllic suburbs like Piermont, New York, and Shenandoah, Texas, which are just minutes from the business bustle and cultural attractions of big cities.

To help retirees consider moving, Stacker reference Study of the Best Places to Retire 2020 from Niche, which lists 50 small American towns that offer the best retirement options. A maximum of 10 cities from each state and cities with less than 40,000 inhabitants were taken into account for the ranking, which Calculated niche depending on the representation of retirees, the quality of the weather, cost and safety, access to a healthy lifestyle and a handful of other factors. For each city, Stacker included the city’s resident population as well as figures for median home values, median rent, and median household income.

Read on to see which places are the best places to retire in America and where you might want to go.

You may also like: The Best Places to Retire in America

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Resurgence in Youngstown Fri, 04 Jun 2021 15:21:54 +0000

Fri Jun 4, 2021 11:20 AM

New faces, a new optimism invades the village; new operators express their love for Youngstown

By Terry Duffy


A new page is now turning for Youngstown.

After months of battling the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, this quaint and picturesque village at the mouth of Lower Niagara is truly starting to come to life with dramatic and exciting events.

From the corner of Main and Hinman streets north to the Main-Lockport intersection is what you might call an exciting advancement for the dormant business district and, in turn, the village economy. . This is especially the case when you consider the ravages of the pandemic, not to mention the struggles many residents of the river region have faced over the past year.

“We have some great new businesses opening up here,” said Youngstown Deputy Mayor Mark Fox.

He’s not kidding.

This commercial renaissance seen on both sides of Main Street includes the Hill of Beans Cafe, which was just opened by village newcomer Lewis Bean at 440 Main Street – site of the Old Fyfe and Drum that fell victim from a fire years ago. Across the street is Everything Youngstown, a pretty potpourri of iconic village clothing and nautical collectibles operated by Sue McNaughton.

On the other side is That Barber, a popular men’s barber shop operated by Rob Jeeves, a Youngstown resident, at 434 Main Street. Next to everything Youngstown at 431 Main Street is the brand new Sister and Brother Children’s Apparel, an iconic business that has moved from the village of Lewiston and is operated by Mark and Lisa Leffler. Opposite the very popular Diner Village run by Cathy Pasquantino and her staff is the new Mangia Cakes at 400 Main. Pastry chef and restaurateur Rebecca Poletti has brought back her famous pastry shop.

Alongside them are Mike Costello and the team at Ontario House, aka The Jug, who have just completed a fantastic makeover of the Backyard Lodge, which draws groups and crowds. In Rite Aid Square, Ken Scibetta and Eddie Webster of Griffin gastropub restaurants advanced on plans for a microbrewery / cafe on the site of the former Market Place supermarket. And across from Jug at Main and Water Streets, developer Rick Lohr revealed to Youngstown Village Council last week his intention to recreate a true Youngstown classic – the Eldorado Hotel.

More good news? No need to look any further than the lower Water Street section of the village, where City Experiences by Hornblower just completed its acquisition of Niagara Jet Adventures from businessman Mike Fox and started a new chapter in the lower section. of the river on May 28. Operating under the umbrella of the Hornblower Group of San Francisco, Niagara Jet Adventures is the latest offering for this global land and sea transportation conglomerate that literally serves the world.

The enthusiasm for the resurgence of Youngstown is certainly shared by many new faces along the main street of the village.

“Our community is seeing so much positive news after such a dark time,” said Cheryl Irish Butera, President of the Youngstown Business and Professional Association. She then named this new resurgence “#YoungstownNYRenaissance”. “Such hope! Kudos to everyone for bringing life back to our place we call home. “

So what do these new faces all have in common? In short, a discovery and a rediscovered love for what this small village has to offer. Considered by some to be “at the end of the road” on the river region’s long list of favorites, many writers this writer has spoken to in recent days have offered a simple reason for being here: They love the quality of life here. Youngstown and the allure of its small village. .

Lewis Bean with Eric at the new Hill of Beans cafe in Youngstown. (Photo by Terry Duffy)


“I’m from the Gulf Coast,” said Lewis Bean of Hill of Beans, a long-time active face in the hospitality industry who hails from the Houston-Galveston area. “I love this neighborhood. Been here a few times before moving here.

Looking at his newly branded cafe and attractive decor derived from the classic film ‘Casa Blanca’, Bean, a classic movie buff, commented, “I’m making the most of where I am. This is my semi-retirement. I’m from Texas, but I’m a citizen of Youngstown, now I can take advantage of it.

Rebecca Poletti’s new Mangia Cakes at 400 Main is open for take-out desserts and custom orders. (Photo by Terry Duffy)


Poletti, a bakery connoisseur and restaurateur in the business since 1982, operated the prepandemic Youngstown Galley. New, the new Mangia Cakes, she said is the last chapter of her life.

“I’m just happy to be up and running again,” Poletti said.

She explained that Mangia Cakes will serve as a take-out offering for the public, focusing on a range of baked goods and desserts. Poletti also supplies items to local businesses such as Hill of Beans nearby, Ray’s Tavern on Lake Road, and Wine on Third in Niagara Falls.

“I don’t make dinners; I had planned paninis on the terrace, but I’m starting to get my feet wet again. I work alone, ”Poletti said.

She works by individual order on her specialty bakery products, in addition to offering take out slices of pie, brownies, cookies and more. “My new model is for take-out only. You can get a slice of pie just like you would get a slice of pizza.

Of Youngstown’s resurgence, she added, “It’s really good. This is going in the right direction. Entrepreneurs are resilient people.

Mark and Lisa Leffler at the new Sister and Brother Children’s Apparel. (Photo by Terry Duffy)


For the Lefflers, opening a business in the village is a dream come true.

“My wife and I were kind of a passion to open a boutique for kids,” Mark said of the new sister and brother.

He said his wife Lisa, a member of the City of Porter’s Valuation Review Board, had befriended the owners of the former Lewiston business and moved it to Youngstown, in emphasizing personalized service.

“She has developed a relationship with the (former) owners. When she finally decided to retire, they chose us over others, ”said Mark. “I can’t give my wife enough credit for the design of this place, the type of clientele we seek and our personal service.”

The couple said they absolutely adore the village. Their store has been open for three weeks and “We were delighted. We have just been pleasantly surprised at the number of people we have had. We have a lot of traffic here; we couldn’t have chosen a better location than Main Street in Youngstown. ”

In a press release, City Experiences said Niagara Jet Adventures represents the latest acquisition of renowned company Hornblower which has operations in over 110 countries, six continents and over 125 US cities including New York, San Francisco, Paris, Rome and London.

This diverse portfolio of major travel destinations around the world aligns more than 25 existing Hornblower brands into a single unified identity, providing locals and tourists with a unique offering of global tourism experiences. The Company’s City Cruisers, Canada division operates Niagara City Cruises in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“As our portfolio of global experiences continues to expand, we are excited to include the whitewater adventures of Niagara Jets, providing our customers with the best and most unique products possible,” said Mory DiMaurizio, COO of City Cruises, Canada. “This one-of-a-kind offering fits uniquely into our portfolio of offerings and reinforces our continued goal of becoming the global leader in experiences and transportation.

Yes, there is a new feeling in Youngstown. And it’s only just started.

City Experiences by Hornblower welcomes Niagara Jet Adventures of Youngstown to its global network of travel experiences. (Photo of urban experiences)

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Sparkling Lights, Party & Ice Skating – Hanmer Springs First Winter Festival Thu, 03 Jun 2021 22:05:00 +0000

The pretty village of Hanmer Springs is about to get even more scenic for its first winter festival in July.

Throughout the month, the Alpine Village will be a hive of winter activities and events, including drive-thru movies, a masked ball, a yoga retreat and more.

Hurunui Marketing Director Shane Adcock said other highlights include a Winter Christmas Lights competition, a Canterbury vs Tasman rugby match, a mid-winter party and a 10k night run for the kids.

“The rink will be installed under cover on the grounds of the historic Queen Mary Hospital and skaters will be able to show off their musical skills under disco lights. We expect dozens of properties to enter the Contest of Lights that will turn the village into a winter wonderland.

Catherine Batterson and Abby France are working on another drawcard. They created the Hanmer Springs Fête in 2019 and will be creating a mid-winter version this year.

“We drew 3,000 people to the last Hanmer Springs party and we expect this mid-winter version to be just as popular. It’ll be a great excuse to hit the Hurunui which will be bustling during the month of July – we can’t wait, ”says Catherine.

Shane says he can’t guarantee there will be snow in July, but he promises fresh Alpine air.

“Our village is coming together for an event like never before – we are all excited and dusting our Christmas lights and swimsuits. We would love to see Kiwis from all over join us for the fun.

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Last Sunday, as we all know by now, Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka withdrew from Roland Garros. She had felt that the mandatory post-match press conferences would affect her sanity and interfere with her ability to play at her best. She eventually withdrew, she later said, because the fury over her media decision was also turning into a potential distraction for other players and for the tournament as a whole … More >>

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