Picturesque village

Charming cottage is one of Rightmove’s most viewed properties

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  • A modest cottage accepting offers of over £ 300,000 was on Rightmove’s most viewed list of properties over the Christmas season.

    Searching for properties online isn’t just for those looking to buy a home, which is why Rightmove’s most viewed property list is often dominated by extravagant and expensive homes. However, the two bedroom house near Loch Lomond moves away from the extreme luxury homes.

    It came in fifth place as the most viewed property during the holiday season, after an award-winning home in Lytham, St. Annes, on the market for £ 2,500,000 and a 9-bedroom house in Paisley asking for bids over £ 995,000.

    Halfton Cottage, is located in the picturesque village of Luss on the shores of Loch Lomond. While the price may suggest a relatively modest home, thanks to its location and the range of authentic features and character, we can see how it caught the attention of Rightmove property hunters in December.

    Exterior Cottage Halfton

    Image credit: Rightmove

    Luss is a small conservation village attracting regular visitors with its picturesque setting on the shores of Loch Lomond. The property dates back to the 1800s and looks every inch of the idyllic country retreat with its palisade and cottage-style front garden ideas.

    However, while the exterior retains its traditional charm, the interior has been given a contemporary makeover, incorporating original features with pretty results.


    blue kitchen with parquet

    Image credit: Rightmove

    The kitchen-diner has an original slate wall and a wood-burning stove just out of reach. The main part of the kitchen has been filled with country kitchen ideas, including a butler sink, Aga, and pale blue kitchen cabinets.

    Open shelving along a wall is a smart kitchen storage idea, to shrink a little more space and make a design element from an otherwise simple wall.


    stone wall in the living room with fireplace

    Image credit: Rightmove

    The centerpiece of this living room is the original slate wall and a large open fireplace. Rather than struggling with the color of the slate, the gray hues were accented with a blue and gray living room color scheme.

    A circular mirror is the perfect contemporary touch to modernize this room without sacrificing its rustic and rustic charm.


    blue bathroom with wooden door

    Image credit: Rightmove

    Soothing blue hues continue in this elegant bathroom with blue tiled floors and varnished hardwood floors. The simple design is the perfect backdrop for the vintage wooden sink stand, the rich color of which is reflected in the mirror frame and open shelves. This bedroom is a master class in blending vintage and modern bathroom ideas.


    Bedroom with wooden bed

    Image credit: Rightmove

    One of the two bedrooms at this property, the master bedroom has been kept simple with the antique wood furniture taking center stage. However, the real gem of this room is hidden in this image – the view over the large gardens and surrounding countryside.

    You can see more of the listing on Rightmove. But I think you’ll agree that it’s no surprise that this home has become one of the most viewed properties on Rightmove.