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Chef Vicky Lau to open Mora restaurant in Hong Kong

Soy has always been an important ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is not only nutritious and versatile, but it can also withstand time and temperature, and has long been a symbol of heritage and tradition. With this in mind, Vicky Lau, founder and executive chef of the two Michelin stars Tate Dining Room and Date by Tate has created Mora, a modern 28-seat Franco-Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong, with co-founder Romain Hertebreau and chef the chef. Percy Ho.

“Tofu, tofu and other soy-derived foods have always been an integral part of my diet and my education,” says Lau, who received the award for the best female chef in Asia in 2015 by the 50 best restaurants. of the world. “As a chef, the more I learn about soy, the more I feel like I fall in love with it. My soy exploration began at the Tate Dining Room from our lunch menu, Ode to Tofu, in June 2020, when I was able to build relationships with some of Hong Kong’s most skilled local artisans and manufacturers. of soy-based food products. At Mora, I aim to create a whole new kind of soy-based dishes from all of my learning in and out of the kitchen, filling emotions and memories with bistro-inspired cooking techniques.

Tofu, soy milk, and tofu skins are some of the items that will be highlighted here, although the restaurant isn’t necessarily vegan or vegetarian. Most soy products will be created in the restaurant’s own factory, which uses new soy milk extraction technology with a thicker texture and more intense flavors.

The restaurant takes its name from the Chinese translation of Upper Lascar Row (æ‘©ç¾… 上街) where it is located in the Sheung Wan district. Generations ago, the street was once home to travelers and traders from the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Today, it is teeming with antique dealers and art galleries. The name Mora pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich diversity while also representing the Chinese character “æ‘©” which means “texture,” an aspect that differentiates the myriad of soy products.

Mora officially opens its doors on January 15, 2022 with a tasting menu available for dinner. A full à la carte menu will be available from March 1. Mora is located at 40 Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Taxi drop off at 201 Hollywood Road) For more information visit