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chilli pepper: What is chili oil? How to do it at home?

Every kitchen has a secret ingredient that gives it a classic touch. One of these popular condiments used in most oriental delicacies is chili oil. Interestingly, this oil is a common condiment prepared in every household, which is used in a variety of interesting ways to enhance the taste of a delicacy.

What is chili oil?

This oil is prepared using dried red peppers, spices and oil. This condiment is usually added to classic oriental delicacies to add a tangy touch. Chili oil boosts metabolic rate, helps improve digestion, and helps with weight loss. Apart from that, this oil helps in relieving pain.

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How to make chili oil at home?

Here’s a simple chili oil recipe shared by celebrity chef Saransh Goila, which you can make at home. Mainly used in oriental and Chinese cuisine, this classic oil can add a unique flavor to your delicacies.


9 dried Kashmiri peppers

8 dried red peppers

2 tablespoons – Fried garlic

2 tablespoons – Fried onion

1 tbsp – Salt

1.5 teaspoon – Sugar

2 – Star anise

3-4 – Sichuan pepper or timur

2 teaspoons – Black soy sauce

½ cup – Hot oil

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To start this easy recipe, take a pan and roast the dried red peppers until they become crisp.

Then take a blender and add all the roasted dried peppers, garlic, onion, salt and sugar. Roughly mix the ingredients. Transfer the mixture to a glass jar.

Then add the Szechuan pepper, tar anise and soy sauce to the mixture. Pour any cooking oil, preferably hot sesame oil, mix well and cover the lid.

You can add this delicious oil to dimsums, stews, ramen and noodle bowls or even desi khichdi or oatmeal meals.

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