Picturesque village

Classic RPG fantasy adventure Quest for Infamy heading to Switch

Publisher Ratalaika Games, along with developer Infamous Quests have announced that they are putting Quest for Infamy on Change. The classic fantasy adventure RPG is due out on March 4, 2022.

Quest For Infamy is a tribute to some of the iconic big hits of the mid and early 90s where the emphasis was on story, variety, gameplay, in-depth adventure, wit, RPG elements seriousness and interaction, as well as many surprises – all combined in a great storyline and neatly packaged with a simple point-and-click interface. It might sound old-fashioned or retro to some, but Quest for Infamy presents an unmissable experience with plenty of laughs and sarcasm throughout the fulfilling ride/adventure. Topped with plenty of mystery, intrigue, action, enemy battles, boss fights, and the discovery of hidden secrets, the wise main character marks the experience as a title to be discovered!

So much to see and experience

Featuring a vast explorable world, with hundreds of NPCs to interact with, including some very weird and interesting fantasy characters. Three acts will draw the player into the story and many diverse settings and locations will keep the interest and concentration high. There’s the quaint village of Volksville, the sprawling Greek-inspired grand city of Tyre, the vast and lonely grasslands, the mysterious northern woods and treacherous southern woods, Snape Beach, and many other places that will intrigue the players as well as many hidden sites. environments to discover.

RPG elements are central to the genre mix, as is the development of individual skills that can aid you in your quest, and in some cases using your skills changes the outcome of certain incidents will be one of many factors. that contribute to and shape your gaming experience.

And so the story begins…

Quest For Infamy begins with mischievous Mr. Roehm, escaping the clutches of Baron Brandlevrot, who believes he has wronged him – and he escapes in a cart filled with straw to the town of Volksville, in the picturesque Krasna Valley. Stuck in town, due to a broken bridge, Mr. Roehm finds himself unwittingly drawn into the secretly nefarious events unfolding in the valley. As he explores the town and the valley, he comes across a strange cult with plans for the peaceful valley and discovers the connection to a mystery that has long plagued the people of Krasna.

Roehm can seek out one of three mentors who will teach him the different classes he can become – a thief, wizard, or brigand. He can use his cunning, his brains or his brawn to create his own adventure! Learn the secrets of theft and practice your sneakiness in the thief path. Train your muscles and forge friendships with a gang of tough guys on the way to the Brigand. Learn magic spells on the Sorcerer’s Path; Gathering items and reagents to craft spells while learning how to use magic to your advantage is part of the overall Quest for Infamy experience.

A screenshot showing a dark environment where the hero can barely see

Main characteristics

– Completely hand painted backgrounds and hand animated characters.
– Over 200 locations to explore
– Three different paths through the game with different classes to choose from.
– An intuitive combat and magic system.
– Lots of secrets to uncover as you explore the Krasna Valley.
– And much more…

A Quest for Infamy trailer is available below.

Quest for Infamy will retail for $9.99 / €9.99 on the Switch eShop.