Picturesque village

Confused American tourists review the Cotswolds – and it’s hilarious

The Cotswolds are a popular destination for Brummies and home to some of the most picturesque villages in the country. However, there are a small number of visitors across the pond who are apparently not fans of the famous region, which spans parts of Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

In particular, the beautiful village of Castle Combes has recently come under fire from confused American tourists, who have made a number of complaints. TripAdvisor user hickss85 from Texas wrote: “There is NO CASTLE in Castle Combe! No castle but there are remains of a castle, but you won’t see it. It is overrun by the vegetation and on private property.”

The criticisms don’t stop there. BristolLive reports that Linnbada, from Nevada, wrote: “We were going to walk the town but after seeing what little it had to offer other than a steep descent down the hill to get there and back, we decided to skip and wait for the Cotswolds.

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Alabama’s BobKonecny ​​was not a fan of Castle Combe’s calm. He said: “After a long walk from the parking lot on a hill on a Wednesday afternoon, the village seemed closed.

“The short section of the main street that was shown in War Horse is very attractive, but is that all there is? The one pub that was open seemed to have the only activity in town.”

One particularly disappointed American couldn’t even imagine why people would go there. “The walking tour suggests to you ‘…imagine what it was like 400 years ago when…’ I guess we didn’t have enough imagination to find Stow worth it,” said writes FredLikesToTravel from Massachusetts.

Apart from a few disgruntled visitors, Castle Combe is often considered one of the most beautiful places in the country. The quintessentially English village has been used by Hollywood directors, including Steven Spielberg, who shot scenes there for War Horse.