Dashi Sichuan Kitchen & Bar soon from the owner of Chinese restaurant Sichuan House on the north side of San Antonio

Kristina Zhao, owner of Sichuan House, is set to expand her presence in the San Antonio market with the planned opening this summer of her new Chinese restaurant Dashi Sichuan Kitchen & Bar on Thousand Oaks Drive in Jones Maltsberger Road.

The new space at 2895 Thousand Oaks Drive, which once housed restaurants like LA Crawfish and Hawx Burger Bar, is more than double the size of Sichuan House, with 6,000 square feet and a capacity of around 285 people.

While Dashi will carry over many dishes that landed at Sichuan House in Express-News’s Top 100 Restaurants and Drinks guide, the menu will add new dishes and dimensions to the Sichuan experience.

“It’s such a versatile kitchen,” Zhao said. “It is constantly evolving. And Chief Li has the skills to do this.

It refers to chef Jian Li, who returns to the Sichuan House family after several years at Li’s Sichuan restaurant. It will bring about 50-60% of the Sichuan house menu to Dashi while adding small plates, tapas, steamed buns and more noodle dishes, Zhao said. Consulting chef Teddy Liang, whose most recent work includes Broadway Jewish deli The Hayden, will help create the new Dashi menu, Zhao said.

Chinese restaurant Sichuan House will expand this summer with the opening of Dashi Sichuan Kitchen & Bar on Thousand Oaks Drive in Jones Maltsberger Road.

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Dashi will also offer a full program of beers, wines, sakes and cocktails, with Benjamin Krick de Pastiche and renowned Jet-Setter to put together a menu that will pay particular attention to Asian beers and whiskeys.

The interior is redesigned from the ground up, with cool storm cloud epoxy flooring, new upholstered tables and chairs, sleek chandeliers and slender paper lanterns, lampshades that Zhao created her. – even and a showcase bar and bold geometric woodwork from San Antonio craftsman Roland Davila.

Meanwhile, Sichuan House is still booming, having weathered the worst of the pandemic with a simplified menu and a robust take-out program.

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