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England’s most beautiful villages unveiled

A pretty cobbled square, thatched roofs, dry stone walls, gardens full of rosebushes, a medieval church, the sound of a trickle of steam or the lapping of the waves on the harbor, children clutching crab lines , a tea room serving fresh scones, a friendly pub and tons of community spirit – all make for a quintessential English village recipe.

With stays in full swing this summer, Brits looking for a slice of traditional England in all its glory have a plethora of perfect hamlets to choose from – whether it’s a village of Cornish fishermen, a Yorkshire waterhole tucked away in a small cove or small parish in Hampshire

To help you on your way, our experts have unearthed 30 bucolic delicacies to discover.

The most beautiful villages in England to visit in 2021

Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Tom Ough explains, “This Cotswold village is worth two streets of ridiculously cute stone cottages, plus a pair of ridiculously cute pubs and a ridiculously cute church. Lush hills overlook the village. There is a low bridge over it. a river. A market cross. (No castle, really, just the remains of a very old mound and poultry yard.) Flowers caress the terraced cottages that line the narrow main road, creating the effect of a very scented blower.

“Castle Combe is therefore proclaimed the most beautiful village in England, in the same way that the US military is proclaimed the most powerful army in the world. No one really wants to test them because they know they would be wiped out. . “

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