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Exquisite contemporary Cantonese dishes for a memorable meal at home – the Upcoming

Occasions by Hakkasan: Exquisite Contemporary Cantonese Dishes for a Memorable Home Meal

March 19, 2021


Hakkasan needs no introduction: From its contemporary world-class Cantonese cuisine to its iconic and opulent style, it continues to deliver rave-worthy dishes that have stood the test of time, proving that glitz and glamor aside, it’s really about the food.

Their restaurant Mayfair in particular was a resounding success from the start, having received a Michelin star in its first year of operation and winning over a dedicated culinary clientele who shamelessly sings its praises at every opportunity.

So imagine our joy when we found out that we could recreate a Hakkasan experience at home. Occasions is a beautifully presented restaurant kit for two that includes their collection of signature dishes and even comes complete with a bamboo steamer, iconic Hakkasan incense sticks, and a link to a Sounds of Hakkasan playlist for you to gift. a full VIP experience. The box also includes simple, straightforward cooking instructions written by Executive Chef Andrew Yeo.

We started with the Classic Dim Sum Plate which we steamed in the bamboo basket provided in the kit. We had four different types of dumplings, including king crab and pepper; Wild mushroom; Shui mai halibut with water chestnut and tobiko caviar; and langoustines har gau with Prunier caviar.

For the sector, we have tried the Chilean Sea Bass Grilled with Honey, which just needed to be put in the oven before giving it a last drizzle of honey. This longtime favorite did not disappoint. Granted, I didn’t do any hard work or prep myself, but I was still completely surprised that something so exquisite actually came out of my oven.

We also sampled the Smoked Beef Ribs with Jasmine Tea, which only took 15 minutes to heat up. I was worried it would dry out in my finicky stove, but it came out tender, full of flavor, and exactly as I would expect from restaurant cuisine.

the Hakka noodles with shimeji mushrooms, bean sprouts and katsuobushi were tossed into a wok with a drizzle of oil and a bit of fierce heat. All the ingredients were super fresh and the noodles devoured while still piping hot.

The support of Small saut̩ed broccoli and candied olives provided a beautiful marriage of flavor and texture Рso much so that I hesitate to call it a side dish and classify it as one of the main events.

For dessert, we concluded with the Chocolate and raspberry soufflé, that were placed in the oven under a watchful eye to see if they would lift. And of course they did. These were then finished with a golden chocolate ring and a sprinkle of dried raspberries.

For a memorable evening at home and the next best thing to eat out at a restaurant, Occasions by Hakkasan is the perfect treat.

Alex Julie Woods

Occasions by Hakkasan is available to order now and includes both a signature menu and a select menu. For more information or to order, visit their site here.

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