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Get left finger from Glova Dying Light 2 Secret Weapon

AT get Glova Dying Light 2 left finger secret weapon, you must first complete the main story of the game in order to have everything you need to achieve it. In this guide, we will walk you through the whole process step by step. It’s a long and arduous process, but the reward is worth it. Before we start, a small side note: there is a bug you might encounter when you connect all the cables but the power does not come through. Restarting the game should resolve the issue. With that out of the way, let’s get started.

Get left finger from Glova Dying Light 2 Secret Weapon

How to Get Left Finger from Glova Dying Light 2 Secret Weapon

To get Glova’s Left Finger Secret Weapon in Dying Light 2, first use the elevator to reach the top of the VNC building in the middle of Garrison. As soon as you exit the elevator, head to the left corner and jump on the large crate. Look around until you see a building with a large antenna on it. Use your upgraded paraglider to reach this rooftop. Take the cable from the electrical box and carefully exit the yellow plank opposite. Stay on the side of the building and go down one floor, then another.

Connect the cable, then run to the other side of the room to get the second one. Get off the plank and drop two stories down once more. Connect the second cable, cross the room to the opposite corner and take the third cable. Walk the plank to the left and use your grappling hook to grab the belay halfway so you don’t die. Go around the corner and start again. Next, to get Glova’s left finger secret weapon in Dying Light 2, enter the building and connect the third cable.

Unlock the door next to the electrical box by disabling the lock and enter. Face the monster. Welcome to the secret developer room! Head to the right of the TV room, through the hallway, and into the room with the neon signs reading “Bar” and “Pub.” To the right of this room, there’s a bed you can sit on, so do that. Stay seated no matter what until the blueprint appears on the Techland poster in front of you. Craft the weapon for 369 Scraps. Enjoy your new power. Screenshots taken from 100% guides.