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Gin Lee collaborates with Jacky Cheung


RUMORS of a collaboration between Malaysian singer Gin Lee and veteran Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung have come true after releasing a new song this month, reports The sin to chew daily.

Lee, 34, released the Cantonese song Let Street Lamps Go To Sleep When The Sun Rises on YouTube on August 4, with Cheung as the second vocalist.

Teamwork: Lee (left) and Cheung feature in a new song.

Cheung, who is known in Hong Kong as the God of Songs, spoke about the four challenges he had to overcome before collaborating with Lee, including his rule of only collaborating with artists from the Universal Music group, as well as ‘be away from Hong Kong most of the time on tour.

“But because of the pandemic, I stayed in Hong Kong. Third, I felt it was a very moving song. Ruo Ning Lin (songwriter) had great lyrics and I initially asked Eric (songwriter and producer) to give them to me.

“(I) didn’t expect him to give the song to Gin, hence the idea of ​​a collaboration.

“Fourth, Gin herself is a good singer,” Cheung added.

According to Lee, the songs are about a person taking a break from pursuing their goal to reflect on the beautiful things around them that they have missed.

“I think this song is suitable for people of all ages. This is because when everyone hits the different stages of life, they will want to stop for a moment and consider the path they are taking, ”she said.

The song garnered more than 70,000 views on YouTube in the two weeks since its release.

Lee, real name Jeanie Lee, is originally from Johor Baru but is currently based in Hong Kong.

She launched her career in music after gaining popularity in The Voice 2 reality singing competition in 2010.

She then took part in another popular singing show, The Voice of China Season 4, as a music coach for TVB’s Stars Academy.

In 2017, Lee’s live recording concept album Live in the Moment topped the HKRMA sales charts for four consecutive weeks and was certified gold in two months.

> Families organizing funerals in Klang Valley may have difficulty obtaining a casket due to a shortage and many people are dying from Covid-19, reports The sin of chewing daily.

According to the director of Fairy Park Funeral Services Sdn Bhd, Deng Fu Xing, the shortage started two months ago and has forced operators in the sector to “borrow” coffins from those who had additional stocks.

“It’s hard to buy coffins now. Everyone tries to use (the stock they have in hand) sparingly. It’s always OK if someone asks for a simple coffin.

“But if anyone wants a better quality, it will be hard to find,” he added.

Deng explained that due to Covid-19 standard operating procedure, casket makers must limit the number of workers in factories and therefore cannot meet demand.

According to Malaysia Funeral Public Association president Kong Thian Hau, operators in the Klang Valley leaned on five major casket makers from other states, one of which had to shut down for an entire month after the announcement. of the movement control order in June.

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