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‘Goodbye to the last track of old Xlendi’

A Facebook post informing the public that an Xlendi restaurant will be closed due to major construction has alerted the public to the impending construction of two huge apartment buildings in the once traditional fishing village.

The post said the Boathouse restaurant is planning a return in the first part of 2022 in a “whole new environment.”

In fact, the development paves the way for apartment blocks above popular restaurants in Xlendi.

The developments, to the right of the bay from the road leading to it, appear to have gone unnoticed and have been described as the ‘final blow’ by objectors, envisioning the ‘horrible sight for anyone stupid enough to visit Xlendi’.

Another posted on Facebook: “Goodbye to the last track of old Xlendi. Thanks to the usual ruthless Gozitan destroyers ”.

PA / 07735/19, approved last year, sets the stage for the demolition of the existing boathouse and the construction of a six-story building, with the restaurant on two floors and four apartments on top of each other.

The adjacent Stone Crab is also under development with a permit, PA / 02563/18, approved in 2019, for a seven-story building, following the demolition of the existing two floors to build the restaurant and a hotel. Everything indicates that the start of demolition and construction is imminent.

Din L-Art Ħelwa Għawdex will monitor the permits and make any necessary representations, he said, fearing they will be treated as one project.

While expressing his concern at the impending developments, the mayor of Munxar, Damien Spiteri, was also relatively resigned to the situation, saying he was no longer surprised, given the multitude of similar candidacies that have come forward. besieged Xlendi.

It was “predictable” that similar high-rise buildings a few feet away, across the once picturesque bay, would also take root in its last surviving characteristic corner. It was the price of meaningless decisions made years ago, he said of the domino effect.

“Now it’s too late to say no and fuss about the two-story properties remaining after the others become seven-story blocks.”

The seaside village is overtaken by controversial high-rise buildings that frighten visitors, Spiteri acknowledged.

“But these are the policies that must be attacked if we want to move forward,” said the mayor, referring to a general melee on aesthetics and facades.

“We need to nip the first app that threatens to ruin an area in the bud before a precedent is set and everyone starts enjoying it. Ideally this should have been resolved years ago when the bay was not yet developed, ”Spiteri said, adding that other restaurants on the other side have now been built.

“We must make a collective effort to influence decision-makers because it is useless to go to the board of the Planning Authority with all the right arguments but no legal basis,” he insisted.

Pictures of plans for the projects have been around, with the people of Gozo lamenting how difficult it has become to live on the island, relentlessly from the dust, noise and nervous diversions due to constant road and construction works. .

“Poor Xlendi! These are the pits, ”said one opponent.

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