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Working as a critically acclaimed chef and Food Network star is only half of Alex guarnaschelli‘s huge achievements. the Chopped the judge is a proud mother of her daughter, Ava, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Brandon clark. Ava, born September 24, 2007, has already developed a passion for cooking just like her famous mother.

When Ava was only 4 years old, Alex explained that she had already started to join her in the kitchen. the Alex’s day off The host told Food Republic in May 2012 that her daughter was “a little scared of the oven” but really enjoyed learning new cooking skills. Ava is now shaping up to be a cooking pro, expanding her culinary vocabulary and learning all the old school techniques.

“My daughter and I cook dinner together quite often. We usually make pork chops and a side, ”said Alex. USA today in June 2019. “She and I also like to get up early on weekends to make a killer breakfast! Pancakes, eggs, bacon… all over nine meters.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alex shared that Ava decided to embark on her own pickled vegetable project. The teenager shared a range of pickled vegetables and her latest creations on her Instagram account. Alex is always sure to keep a full fridge and pantry for his daughter to experiment with new recipes. Even though her mother is one of the most famous chefs in the world, Ava is also a big fan of another famous chef.

“She only has one cookbook – Gordon ramsaythe latest cookbook. She’ll say, “Let’s make chicken parm” and I’ll say, “Awesome. I’m going to release Dione Lucas’ book, ”said the restaurant owner Associated press in March 2019. “She’ll say,” No, we’re going to do what Gordon says. “”

Seeing Ava thrive as a full-fledged chef is similar to how Alex learned to cook. Her late mother, Maria Guarnaschelli, was a cookbook editor who loved to bring her daughter into the kitchen to test her recipes.

“The food we are exposed to as children can have a profound effect on our cooking (and dietary) choices as we become adults,” she continued. “My mom would make a soufflé from scratch one weekday evening and my dad would stir-fry Cantonese dishes the next day.”

the America’s Worst Cooks The mentor always encourages parents to make their children “an integral part of the cooking process”. She said Newtown Moms in August 2020 that she and Ava “bond” while doing small chores like filling donuts and making soup.

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