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Imlie, October 4, 2021, Written Update: Malini Blueprint

MUMBAI: Malini remembers Adi asking Imlie for lunch and wonders how she will come up with new ideas on a daily basis to stop Adi. Imlie walks in disguised as a Chinese woman holding Chinese food. Malini asks what nonsense, what kind of silly joke is this. Imlie said she wanted to have Chinese food, so a Chinese woman came. Malini says she doesn’t need her food. Imlie says she’s worried about her baby, so she brought home some cooked food. Malini says that she and her baby don’t need her and his worry, so she should go. Imlie even says that she is becoming a mother. Malini opens his mouth in shock. Imlie puts food in her mouth and gives her more bites by cheating on her. Malini smokes. Imlie asks which kitchen she wants to have tomorrow because she needs time to look for clothes. Malini asks him to come out and Imlie leaves. Malini thinks Imlie wants to play well, she just needed Adi and didn’t want to get pregnant, she will use her pregnancy and baby to separate Adi from Imlie. She receives the call from Anu and asks him to work for her.

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During breakfast, Rupali tells Imlie that she will prepare her for a date. Nishant says he’s going to prepare Adi. Rupali says Adi did a good job for the first time in her life, if they go to lunch and spend time together until dinner. Malini thinks Imlie won’t go on a date. Harish informs Radha and Aparna that Anu invited them over for a poo that she saved for Malini’s baby. Pankaj says that after what Anu did with them, Harish should have turned down his invitation. Harish asks how can he when Malini is here. Aparna says that Anu went to jail for her sins, they can’t deny Anu’s invitation because pooja is for their grandson. Radha says Aparna is right. Pankaj asks Adi what he wants. Imlie says she thinks they should all attend the pooja for the sake of the baby. Rupali asks about her lunch date. Malini thanks Imlie for taking care of her and her baby and asks to accompany them if she wishes. Imlie agrees. Malini smiles and thinks this poo is to stop Imlie’s lunch date.

Dulari tells Imlie that Malini and Anu have planned this pooja to stop Imlie’s lunch with her husband. Imlie says she knows, but amma says anything done with god’s name is auspicious; she can go to lunch with her husband whenever she wants. Dulari says she never understands her and her amma. Imlie says there will be halwa pooja for her there. Dulari will prepare with enthusiasm. Imlie says she knows Adi wanted to take her out and try to talk to her and understand her, but she can’t do it; she asks God when the distance between her and Adi will disappear. She walks in the street and gets excited when she sees the actors Sunny Kaushal and Radhika Madan come to promote their film Shiddat. They say they were going to an event and their car broke down. Imlie asks if even their car breaks down and introduces himself as Imlie from Pagdandiya. Radhika asks if she came here from Pagdandiya on foot. Imlie describes her story and says love dragged her here. Sunny says where the love happens is intense / shiddat and introduces the characters from their movie Jaggi and Karthika. Imlie asks where are they. They say they are the characters in their film and continue to promote their film. Imlie promises to watch their movie with Adi. The driver solves the problem with his car and they leave.

At House C, Anu scolds his servants for pulling out silver cutlery for the pooja. Dev asks why she’s doing pooja on Cat Day, if she’s plotting something. Anu says she is becoming a grandmother and leaves thinking that the baby will call her. Dev thinks he knows her well and knows that she is conspiring something. Imlie goes home. Adi asks why she is thrilled to attend the pooja. Imlie says she has met Bollywood stars. He’s joking. She says it’s up to him to believe it or not. he asks if she’s angry that he couldn’t take her to a lunch date. She says she is angry with him for supporting Malini and deleting the video, but she cannot express her anger at a baby; she can’t figure out what will happen to their relationship, but baby is part of her life and dear to her. He says as if she said she didn’t want to express her anger at a baby, even though he did for a baby; Either way, they’ll go on a date someday. She walks away. He thinks he’s impatient to see her smile and heads for the car. Nishant doesn’t care that he looks romantic. Adi asks to do as he said. He says yes and calls the whole family. They all get into the car. Dulari sits next to Adi before Malini. The doctor calls Malini and informs her that she has asthma and her lungs are weak, so she should be away from dust and pollution, she thinks she cannot cancel Havan, otherwise Adi will go behind Imlie. The doctor warns her to take her advice seriously or it will negatively affect her baby. She accepts and gets in the car. Adi asks what Dr Sharma said. She says he asked her to take care of her food.

MORE: Malini asks Anu if arrangements are made, she has not come up with another idea. Imlie overhears their conversation. Mithi serves Tripathis snacks and they get mad at Anu. Anu said she needed a maid and hired Mithi for a salary of 5,000 rupees.

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