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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT – This Week’s Reuters Features Schedule

Every week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world. Below are a few stories from this week selected by our editors, along with some explanatory background and context to help you understand the headlines of the world. For a full calendar of news and events, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect

Meet American Students Facing Racism, Injustice and a Pandemic A young woman was alarmed when she saw Confederate flags appear in her small town. Another student often knitted quietly to persevere despite the stress. A black teenager from the South feared racist violence more than a virus. These students have all faced social and political changes during their high school careers. They were freshmen when Donald Trump was elected president and after a summer of protests against racism and violence, they are graduating in the shadow of the pandemic. Conversations with members of the 2021 class open a window into where America is now – from Maine to California – and its future. (USA-SCHOOLS / CLASS OF 2021 (PIX, TV), 1,563 words)

After hard training at the Bolshoi, British ballerina casts eyes on the world stage MOSCOW – Rachel Armstrong will leap to her dream of becoming one of the world’s best ballet dancers when she graduates from the famous Ballet Academy of the Bolshoi in Russia this month. (RUSSIA-BRITAIN / BALLET (TV, PIX), 350 words)

“Sea glanders” epidemic off Turkish coast poses threat to marine life ISTANBUL – A thick and slimy layer of so-called “sea snot” spreads in the Sea of ​​Marmara in Turkey south of Istanbul, posing a threat to marine life and fishing industry. (ENVIRONMENT-TURKEY / (TV, PIX), by Yesim Dikmen and Mehmet Emin Caliskan, 300 words)

Bitter pill: Lebanon’s medical crisis to get worse BEIRUT – For Mira Hasbini, Lebanon’s dire financial crisis comes down to something very basic: Surgeons couldn’t find enough screws to mend broken bones in his elderly mother. (LEBANON-CRISIS / MEDICINE (PIX, TV), 720 words)

From Nigeria to Brazil, “halo” crops reap benefits in the event of a pandemic. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS / HALOFOODS (INSIGHT, PIX, TV), by Libby George, Sabrina Valle and Nigel Hunt, 915 words)

French restaurant serves the food of the future: insects PARIS – Laurent Veyet’s tasting menu is not for the faint of heart, but may indicate the future of food for a burgeoning global population – there is a Shrimp salad with yellow meal, crunchy insects on a bed of vegetables and chocolate coated grasshoppers. (EUROPE-INSECTES / FRANCE-RESTAURANT (TV, PIX), 354 words)

Brazilian conjures up works of art from plastic bags SAO PAULO – Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur reproduces works by renowned masters without using a drop of paint – just scraps of recycled plastic collected from the streets and rivers of the city. (BRAZIL-ART / PLASTIC (PIX, TV), 203 words)

Escape the crowds: Croatia yacht vacations are in demand again KASTEL GOMILICA, Croatia – Sailing vacations just might be one of the best ways to avoid the crowds this summer and Croatian yacht charter companies say having seen a sharp increase in bookings from July to September after the pandemic, some of them came close to ruin. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS / CROATIA-LEISURE (TV, PIX), 425 words)

Herd of wild elephants approaches Chinese city after 500 km journey BEIJING – A herd of 15 wild elephants approached the city of Kunming, the capital of southwest China’s Yunnan Province, on Wednesday, defying attempts to redirect them after traveling several hundred kilometers from the forests to the south. (CHINA-ELEPHANTS / (TV), 215 words)

Russian village thrives thanks to pandemic KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia – Residents of a picturesque Russian village have seen the price of their land double as residents of Moscow and other cities take over properties as a refuge from COVID- 19 where they can work remotely. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS / RUSSIA-VILLAGE (PIX), 434 words)

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