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Increasing a loan is usually no problem. Financial institutions typically review their new request against the same criteria as the existing loan.

Another credit check when the loan amount increases


Since a new loan agreement is concluded with a new loan agreement, you will have to expect another credit check. An increase should, therefore, be considered well in advance if the economic situation has changed negatively since the last borrowing.

For example, if you are in arrears with payment in installments, this may have been noted in the GFI.

In this case, the conditions for the new loan are worse or the bank even refuses to increase it.

Two loans from two banks in parallel are also possible


If, after checking the conditions, it turns out that the repayment of the loan would become more expensive, but another bank offers more favorable conditions for the new loan amount, it makes sense to simply take out a second loan. Of course, this also depends on the volume.

Banks do not like to see a second loan, so they offer to take over on their own. However, this is not absolutely necessary but results from the cost calculation.

Easier to increase an existing loan


The process is easier to increase an existing loan with the old bank than to take out a second loan. We can quickly determine which variant is the cheaper one. It can, of course, also make sense to present the current bank with a competitor’s cheaper offer in order to negotiate a cheaper interest rate for the increase.

Before you top up, check whether your current financial situation allows rates to be increased at all.



Banks are generally open to an increase in the loan if the income is sufficient for the higher rate. If interest rates are significantly lower, paying off the loan can bring noticeable financial relief. If debt restructuring is not an option, a second loan is conceivable. Be wise to restructure your loan to increase net pay.

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