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It was the turning point of the Buffalo Bills season

The Buffalo Bills are 10-6 with one game to play in the 2021 regular season schedule. That game takes place this Sunday at Highmark Stadium at 4:25 pm. If the Bills win, they will win the AFC East. They also won a loss to the New England Patriots.

The Bills have already clinched a playoff berth after last Sunday’s victory over the Atlanta Falcons at Highmark Stadium, 29-15. The game was not the Bills’ typical victory over the past two seasons as they ran the ball over 200 yards combined and scored all four rushing touchdowns with running back Devin Singletary and quarterback , Josh Allen.

The Bills have now won three straight games – at home against the Carolina Panthers, against the New England Patriots and at home against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Bills have already lost two in a row and three of the last four – two of those brutal losses. They fell to the Indianapolis Colts 41-15 on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, then lost to the Patriots at Orchard Park in a windstorm, as New England attempted just three assists in a victory of 14-10.

But the turning point of the season for the Bills came with another loss. Yes, really, the Bills turned things around in a wasted effort.

It was the road game in Tampa Bay against the Buccaneers. Specifically, coming out of halftime against Tampa.

The Bills had just suffered a brutal loss to the Patriots on Monday night and laid a first-half egg against the Bucs – down 24-3. However, the Bills were by far the better team in the second half, passing Tamps 24-3 in the second half on the backs of quarterback Josh Allen.

Allen threw for over 300 yards and 54 passes, including a run for over 100 yards. That second half was when Allen and the team decided enough was enough and they’ve returned to the squad we love since early 2020.

It reminded me of a game the Buffalo Sabers played in 2006. They had an average start to the 2005-06 season, but then became an offensive heavyweight in early 2006. After going through a rough patch, losing five back-to-back games but coming to their own against the New York Rangers in a shootout loss.

If the Bills end up replaying the AFC Championship game or win it all, we’ll all be looking back at the second half of Tampa Bay’s loss at the turn. If the Bills don’t have that second half against Tom Brady and the Bucs, maybe we’re not talking about a third straight playoff spot.

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