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Jack Hoff

Jack Hoff is from Nashville, Tennessee, the country music mecca. He was considered a traitor by the inhabitants of his hometown. He betrayed country music and fell in love with the nightclub bad kids love. He found country music boring, the tunes and lyrics empty, only deep electronic music and disco could win his heart.

With the digging and collecting of vinyl records and the uninterrupted experience of the club from adolescence to adulthood, he becomes a DJ and promoter. Many impressive parties have taken place in the most prestigious places; like “Disco Seminar” at the False Color Club in Cheyenne, “Anti-Tech House Tech House Night” at the Adult Face Club in Richmond and “Dare to Listen Techno” at the M2 Nebula Club in Las Vegas.

He’s imaginative and good at digging into oblivion Cantonese Italo Disco, Boogie, UK Funky House, Detriot / Chicago Micro House, Progressive Minimal Techno, etc., and mixing that iconic dance music as perfectly as possible. His history of DJ sets is therefore called “The Adventures of Jack Hoff in Wonderland Disco”.

Jack Hoff and Catherin Kwok, who live in southwest China, are little-known, unpopular, classic and exquisite dance music DJs. Their spirit of adventure and exploration of the world of Disco presents the good music scattered around the corner to the ears of the dancers. , Easily let dancers indulge in it. Their cooperation started in Dada Kunming, and tonight they will bring the forgotten but centuries-old Disco Synth Pop from the intense atmosphere of Eastern Europe in the 80s, the first popular voices from Japan to Taiwan, the The age at which he’s best is the unpopular and familiar Italo Disco and the Chicago / New York House cliché.

Catherine kwok

Catherine Kwok is a visual artist and technical engineer for short video networks. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas and graduated from the College of William and Mary in Virginia. His works and cases of commercial applications are distributed all over the world. For example, “The Application of Visual Art in Sign Language Rapper” at the Human Resources and Insurance Industry Art Festival in Penang, Malaysia. , “The Critical Space Art of Placing Ingredients in Chongqing Hot Pot” at the Asian Football Fans Music and Arts Festival in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Of course, the most commendable is his live musical and visual project with Jack Hoff, “Jack Hoff’s Adventures in Disco Wonderland”.

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