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Just Eat study reveals Northern Ireland’s favorite takeaway cuisine

A new study from delivery giants Just Eat has revealed Northern Ireland’s favorite food and dish.

Wanting to settle the age-old debate about what to order for your Saturday night takeout, Just eat conducted a sentiment analysis of over 10 million restaurant reviewers across the UK.

Each gastronomy was given a popularity score out of 100 based on the positive sentiments surrounding each food genre, ultimately finding the most popular cuisine across the UK.

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Chinese cuisine has proven to be the most popular in Northern Ireland, with Italian reigning supreme in England and Indian taking first place in Wales and Scotland.

With a popularity score of 67.50/100, narrowly beaten asian delight Japanese cuisine – who came second (66.45/100).

Despite this, the most popular dish in Northern Ireland turned out to be chips, with a popularity score of 81.66/100.

Just 0.4% behind potato chips in second place was black pudding, a breakfast treat, with a popularity rating of 81.32/100.

A map showing winners across the UK

To carry out this study, a sentiment analysis was conducted on an internal dataset of over 10 million restaurant reviews across the UK.

Once all reviews were collected, they were then pre-processed using standard NLP techniques and fed into a sentiment analysis model with a custom lexicon to generate a sentiment score for each dish and cuisine, the lower the score, the weaker the sentiment.

Following data collection, the sentiment scores of each cuisine and dish in each region and district were ranked in descending order, uncovering the most popular cuisine and dish across the UK.

The data was collected between December 2021 and January 2022 and is accurate as of that time.

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