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Life in East Yorkshire’s most exclusive village – where houses sell for a fortune but locals say ‘we’re not fancy’

Swanland is widely regarded as East Yorkshire’s crown jewel – home to the largest and most expensive houses, an exceptional school and a picturesque pond.

Even the name is pretty and whimsical, conjuring up images of the pristine white long-necked birds presiding over a postcard village.

So what’s it like to live in Swanland, and is its reputation as a quiet, gentrified village really accurate?

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The first thing to note is, unlike the name, there are no actual swans in Swanland. There were two, but after one went missing in an accident, the other was transferred by kind residents to a swan sanctuary.

And this is the dominant theme of our visit as we walk around on a very bright and sunny Friday morning. The people are very, very nice.

While there is a feeling of ‘sleepiness’ with mostly retired people looking after the flower beds and litter picking, there is also a very upscale perk in Swanland.

There are no swans in Swanland, but there are plenty of ducks and moorhens

Houses on the exclusive Kemp Road sell for an average of £ 850,000, and the average house price across the village is just over half a million pounds.

The village school is classified as exceptional and parents line up for Tennis with Teo at the village tennis club.

“My clients have become my friends”

In the heart of Swanland, Boutique Milla, owned by fabulously glamorous Sophie Miller, is a clothing boutique that offers a range of day and evening outfits, and has recently found new followers after being tagged multiple times on Instagam. by Married to Marilyse Corrigan from First Sight, who is a huge fan of them.

But upon entering the pretty boutique adorned with fake flowers, there is nothing more than a warm welcome.

Sophie, who opened her shop 14 years ago, said working in Swanland is just a joy.

Sophie Miller, owner of Boutique Milla in Swanland
Sophie Miller, owner of Boutique Milla in Swanland

“The village has such a strong sense of community, and my clients have become my friends,” she said.

“It doesn’t seem to work when I come here.”

Len Cowburn, 87, who enjoyed a morning stroll, said he would never leave Swanland after making it his home for half a century.

“I’ve been here for 50 years and it’s very, very nice. The community keeps things neat and tidy, and in the 50 years I’ve been here, I have never seen or been involved in anything. unfortunate. “

David Frankish, 75, swept the streets as part of the Swanland Village Association
David Frankish, 75, sweeping the streets as part of the Swanland Village Association

The next person we meet is retired David Frankish, 75, who wears a hi-vis vest and sweeps the streets as part of the volunteer group, Swanland Village Association.

He tells us: “I’m retired but wanted something to do, so I joined the association and I’m on the rotation to keep the village tidy. I went to pick up the trash and sweep since 9:30 am.

When people ask me where I’m from they say ‘oh chic man’

Next, John Adamson, 71, walks his dog past the village pub, The Swan and Cygnet, which serves gourmet delicacies such as ham shank and corn-fed chicken terrine.

John was born in the village in 1949 and attended elementary school. He never left.

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“It’s very quiet. There are no youth issues or vandalism. And you don’t really have to leave the village, we have it all here.

“People see us differently, I took a speed awareness course and when people asked me where I was from they said ‘oh my chic’.

“But we’re not, and I’ve worked hard to be able to live here.”

John Adamson, 71, was born in the village in 1949 and attended primary school
John Adamson, 71, was born in the village in 1949 and attended primary school

Marian Escreet has lived in Swanland for 49 years, and she is also busy the morning of our visit, weeding and tending to the flower beds along the pond.

“We are neither fancy nor distant”

She said: “It is a lovely village to live in. The people are very friendly and there is a great sense of community.

“The church hall is thriving with groups and clubs, we have a busy WI, our village association has 300 members and we run a food bank. The Pond Partnership is meeting next week to clean up the pond and people will come out in their rubber boots, rushes and the farmer will come with his tractor to clear away the rubbish.

“We may have a reputation for being chic or aloof, but we absolutely are not.”

Swanland is one of the wealthiest villages in East Yorkshire
Swanland is one of the wealthiest villages in East Yorkshire

With a butcher, cafe, hair and beauty salons, two clothing stores, convenience store, pharmacy, podiatry clinic and florist – there really is everything you need right on the doorstep.

And there is a real estate agent, if you feel like moving.

There are 27 properties currently for sale in Swanland, from £ 85,000 for a one-bedroom apartment in sheltered accommodation, to £ 574,000 for a four-bed detached house on posh Kemp Road.

If you feel like it, I am sure you will be very warmly welcomed.

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