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Local heritage at Ming Court, afternoon tea at Crust and more

We’re ending the last week of November with foodies giving back, foodies thinking of home, and foodies just looking to serve up a delicious meal. Here are the news for this week.

#FindYourPerfectMan at Joyce x Cookie Smiles

It’s almost Christmas, you know what that means. It’s time for some of that holiday magic. This year will be the year you #FindThePerfectMan. The perfect gingerbread man, of course. What else?

If you missed our news, 12 celebrity chefs have come together for JOYCE X Cookie Smiles’ ‘Gingerbread For Good’, which runs December 6-23 at the fashion boutique’s central location. Each chef has created their own unique gingerbread man, with everything from the ‘Gingerbread Nutcracker’ from Shangri-La, a ‘Salted Caramel Bonhomme’ from Mandarin Oriental to a ‘Bread Man’. Cassio’s ‘snowy spice’. All proceeds will go to ImpactHK, a local charity that helps homeless people develop skills and find a home, and Cookie Smiles to support Shine Skills Center.

A look at a few gingerbread men below: Check out Ando’s ‘Grumpy Mojo’ maple syrup, Cookie DPT’s ‘Red Velvet Ginger Bread’ and Salisterra’s ‘Mr Terra’, a combination of rosemary molasses and sea salt.

New dishes 23 November

Joyce, G / F, New Word Tower, Central, +852 2810 1120

Indulgent Eats x Honbo “East Meets West Coast Burger”

New dishes 23 November

Before trying to make this deliciously overflowing “East Meets West Coast Burger” at home, scrupulously following every step of the Indulgent Eats recipe in their latest cookbook, Indulgent eats at home, taste Honbo Wan Chai from November 26 to 28. Inspired by Jen Balisi’s favorite American-style burger, its edition is recreated with an Asian-inspired twist with added roasted garlic gochujang mayo between a large pancake of crushed onions, melted cheese, a skirt of crispy cheddar cheese, marinated jalapeños, fried shallots and dill and garlic pickles, all wedged between the milk bun iconic potato dish from Honbo.

Buy “Indulgent Eats At Home” here

Honbo, G / F, Boutique B, 6/7 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 2567 8970

“A taste of local heritage” at the Ming court

Instead of a menu that only showcases ingredients from international waters, Executive Chef Li Yuet Faat of Ming Court turns to local Hong Kong communities for his latest “A Taste of Local Heritage” menu. Each dish highlights produce grown and cultivated on neighboring farms and islands, including Fanling’s locally raised Ping Yuen chicken, air-dried seafood and dried tiger prawns from Lamma Island, the famous canned mustard cabbage from Shek O and paste of dried shrimp and salted fish made in Tai O.

As Chef Li describes, “By using various locally grown ingredients in our specialties, we hope we can support the fishing and farming industry, revealing the unique culture of Hong Kong fishing port. In addition, we practice low carbon living more and promote the concept of sustainable restoration. He documents his journey in the video above.

New dishes 23 November

The seasonal menu is a comforting selection of authentic Cantonese dishes carefully crafted with local ingredients, including pan-seared ground pork patties with salted fish and dried squid; baked chicken with fresh galangal, ginger and spring onion; Classic dai pai dong braised clay pot with Chinese lettuce, dried shrimp and dried shrimp paste; and traditional sticky rice mixed with air-dried cured meat, dried shrimp and eggs.

“A Taste of Local Heritage” is available at the Ming Court until December 16. Reservations can be made via +852 3552 3300, +852 6656 2680 on WhatsApp or [email protected]

Ming Court, Level 6, Cordis Hotel, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3552 3028

Afternoon tea at Crust Italian

New dishes 23 November

Adding a step further to its multi-site belt, Crust Italian presents an afternoon tea set in addition to a morning coffee and a lively spot for the evening aperitif, for the long afternoons. lazy noon. Capri Afternoon Tea (HK $ 588 for two), available daily from 3 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., serves a selection of Napoli-style sweets from the restaurant’s neighbors pasticceria and includes Amalfi lemon mousse, Caprese chocolate cake, mini Baba and Sfoligatelle (puff pastries filled with lemon-flavored cream), balanced with light salty snacks also in the Napoli theme –– “Cuoppo ‘by Baby Sardines ”, freshly scaled oysters and octopus in virgin ink. If you prefer a true Italian indulgence, however, Anacapri Afternoon Tea (HK $ 788 for two) offers premium additions, including the venue’s popular Fruttini, as well as scallops, tartare, and caviar.

Crust Italian, G / F, Shop 60, 66 Johnston Road, The Pawn, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 2191 0278

“Myanmar meets South Africa” ​​at Club Rangoon

After a very successful encounter with sunny Portugal, Club Rangoon travels again for a new culinary collaboration – this time a trip to South Africa for just one night on December 1. Joining forces at Springbok Wines, the six-course menu offers delicious dishes expertly prepared by Executive Chef Karisa Check, accompanied by a selection of white and red wines. On the menu, classic Burmese platters – and Club Rangoon signature – are making a comeback, with Myanmar’s national noodle dish, Mohinga, featured with Spioenkop ‘1900’ Sauvignon Blanc. Also featured, Pazun hin, a red curry made from shrimp spiced with ginger and turmeric served with pinot noir Bruce Jac and banana crumble, served with a scoop of Burmese tea ice cream and a sip of De Grendel Noble Late Harvest, a wine from dessert with fragrant notes of fruit and honey.

Reservations for “Myanmar Meets South Africa”, available for December 1 only, can be made here.

Club Rangoon, G / F, 33 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2503 3077

Boy n Burger launches five new burgers to support the Changing Young Lives Foundation

For the month of December, Boy n Burger is releasing burgers that give back to Changing Young Lives, a Hong Kong charity that provides underprivileged children and marginalized young adults with resources to develop their talents. The burgers are part of the all-new menu of five, where with any purchase on the new menu, Boy n Burger will donate HK $ 1.5 to CYLF and sponsor a Christmas celebration organized especially for foundation mentees.

Inspired by flavors enjoyed by various places, new dishes include a Texas BBQ Chicken Burger; Mexica with marinated Jalapeño peppers and creamy Jalapeño mayo; Seoul Burger, served with homemade kimchi and a grain-fed wild grain pancake for 20 days; Double bacon and cheese burger; and Big Bobby, stacked with three beef patties with double cheese, all gelled with Boy n Burger’s secret sauce.

Boy n Burger, G / F, Shop 3, 208 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 3686 0928

Header image courtesy of Boy n Burger