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Longtime Dining is the new Yum Cha restaurant and bar in town

Yum cha lovers, get ready for some loose dumplings, as CBD has just marked a new Cantonese restaurant that will feature a new take on traditional yum cha. Landing in the Queens Plaza shopping center this Thursday, December 16, Longtime Dining will take you on a journey of oriental and western flavors, combining authentic craftsmanship and age-old recipes with innovative cooking methods, and send you home with a baby of food after inevitably ordering dumplings.

Occupying a significant space above Gucci, with a balcony overlooking the streets of the CBD outside, Longtime is a much more sophisticated restaurant than your usual yum cha spot. With room for 200 quirky diners, the venue is decorated with a myriad of textures in soft tones, from aqua green tiling and polished concrete columns to hanging light globes and cherry blossom patterned seating.

You’ll want to take a group and take a table with a lazy Susan to make sharing easier, as there are over 50 dim sum items on the menu, handcrafted by Cantonese chefs with over 30 years of experience. While the dishes are mostly traditional, you’ll find Beijing, Szechuan, and Western influences here, with less salt, less oil, and certainly no MSG.

an outdoor balcony with a tiled round table

Stack the table with barbecue pork buns, xiao pork long baos, king prawn dumplings, sesame shrimp toast, roast duck, seared gyoza and crispy fried soft shell crab. If you need a little more than bite-sized chunks, no matter how tasty they are, there is also a selection of live seafood, rice, noodle and meat dishes, including Jumbo tiger prawns in a garlic butter sauce, simmered pork belly and a Mongolian rack of lamb.

a dish of fried rice on a table with cocktails

Now we know that you would traditionally have tea with yum cha, but personally we would much prefer Longtime libations. In addition to wines and beers, you’ll find a long list of classic and creative cocktails to sip on. Will it be a long-standing original like the Chin Fizz with rum, lemon, Luxardo, Wonderfoam and bitters, or a classic with a twist, like the Sakura Cosmo with vodka, dry curacao, l rose water, lime and cranberry?

Don’t think that it’s only the cocktails that will satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll want to finish your spread with a few desserts, like mango pancakes, egg tarts and fried ice cream. See why you need a group to be able to order one of everything?

Longtime Dining opens on Thursday, December 16, and here you’ll find everything you need to know.

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