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Los Angeles” Receives Bronze Medal from New York Festivals

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CGTN America Releases ‘Tso’l Food: Los Angeles’ Awarded New York Festivals Bronze Medal

CGTN America’s short documentary series Tso’l Food won a bronze medal at the New York TV & Film Festivals Awards, America’s premier competition for international news and entertainment programming. He was one of two bronze medalists this year in the festival’s Culinary Program category, with Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro hosted by Ina Garten.

Tso’l Food is a journey through Chinese cuisines in America. The show’s first-ever 30-minute episode, “Tso’l Food: Los Angeles,” takes viewers to two Chinatown treasures – the Phoenix Bakery, maker of the best almond cookies this side of the Pacific, and the at nearby, Pearl River Deli, where the smell and sizzle of roasted Char Siu BBQ pork makes your mouth water. In this fashionable city, it’s the past that drives foodies around the world crazy. Barbecued pork roast, or char siu, first appeared in royal cookbooks of the Zhou Dynasty over 3,000 years ago.

The Tso’l Food team then heads to the San Gabriel Valley and Bistro Na’s where Michelin-starred chef Tian Yong serves dishes once prepared for Chinese emperors.

The name of the program, Tso’l Food, is a tribute to General Tso’s Chicken – a dish consisting of fried pieces of chicken in a sweet and sour sauce made with chilies, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce and

Dear. It is the poster child for Chinese-American cuisine, yet it is unknown in China. Like many dishes that Americans call “Chinese” — like chop suey, crab Rangoon and chow mein sandwich — General Tso’s Chicken is a fan-favorite born in the United States.

Tso’l Food also takes a broader look at Chinese immigrants to the United States. Their quest to create new communities in America has given shape, substance and taste to a vibrant and diverse cuisine, reflecting the country they left behind and the one they now call home.

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