Cantonese pub

Lotus Dumpling Bar Summer Hill

It’s no secret that Sydney loves a good dumpling session. And while there’s no shortage of great ravioli restaurants around town, Lotus Dining Group is home to some of the best, and it’s now expanded to the Inner West. Introducing Summer Hill’s Lotus Dumpling Bar, also known as your next date night destination.

The stylish, casual restaurant is a natural extension of the group’s popular Walsh Bay restaurant; however, it’s more suited for one-night setup than its counterpart’s fast-paced pre-theater streams. So get ready for bamboo steamer after bamboo steamer.

Lotus Dining Group Executive Chef Steve Wu and Summer Hill Executive Chef Chris Tsao have joined forces to deliver the ultimate modern Cantonese-style menu, featuring eight different dumplings.

Feel free to order their signature XO scallops with fried Chinese donuts, hot and numbing chicken ribs or the delicate xiao long bao. There’s also a big emphasis on vegan and vegetarian options here, which seems appropriate for its region. Whether you have dietary requirements or not, dishes like Vegan Five Spice Tofu and Black Mushroom Balls are a must for everyone.

Of course, an essential ingredient of any ravioli spot is a good alcohol list. So, naturally, Lotus Dumpling Bar Summer Hill has it all: craft beer, fun cocktails, bold reds, and even a “Riesling Bar,” which is an entire section of the menu dedicated to the varietal.

The intimate and moody space exudes a relaxed atmosphere. Exposed brick walls, charcoal and wood accents, emerald tiles, and a wall of traditional Chinese manuscripts add to the character of the place without being too fussy.

Image credit: Alana Dimou