Chinese cuisine

Macclesfield’s new Cantonese restaurant offering a “taste of the 80s”

A new Cantonese restaurant has opened in Macclesfield and aims to bring back “Hong Kong” style cuisine. Turquoise Garden, based on Park Lane, opened on June 8.

Owner Anita Mo has been working on the restaurant for over two years as the project was put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic. The 49-year-old has worked in the industry all her life and aims to bring southern Chinese cuisine to Macclesfield.

Anita says this style of cooking is an “endangered breed” in the UK and some customers have already noticed the food tastes “like the 80s”.

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Speaking to Cheshire Live, she said: “It’s taken us around two and a half years to get to this point, but we started before Covid. We’ve finished most of the main buildings by 2020 and then we’re ready We took it slowly from there.

“I bring people food from southern China, from Hong Kong, that’s where we’re from and we’re an older generation from that. It’s a dying breed now.

Inside the new Macclesfield restaurant

“Although there are Chinese people here, there are a lot of differences in us. We all come from different counties, with different dialects in mainland China.

“We are from southern China, Hong Kong, while quite a few Chinese are from different provinces in Hong Kong, so they have their own style.

Anita designed the interiors of the new restaurant

“We are from the 60s and 70s wave, following on from my grandfather’s generation. Their cooking style has somewhat disappeared because a lot of restaurants are from the 2000s wave.

“There aren’t many of us now, which is why we have people coming here and telling us it tastes like 80s cooking styles.”

Turquoise Garden has already delighted customers in its first two weeks of operation. Anita says they have had tourists from Yorkshire and Wales.

The Turquoise Garden Bar

“It’s been going well so far and picking up every week, it’s great because especially right now with prices going up, people are still going up,” she said.

“It’s been really good so far. We’ve even had a few tourists from Yorkshire and Wales, and they’ve loved it.

“They even said it was like the 80s. People think the interior is nice too.”

Anita plans to build the evening dining experience for the restaurant, before adding a light snack menu for the day. She describes it as “tapas style” dining.

She also has exciting plans to set up a dining room on the roof of the building, offering views of the city. And she wants to open a cafe during the day.

The main dining room of Macclesfield Restaurant

Anita took over takeaway Wings, which is based in the same building, in 2014. But she wants them to be considered “separate” and was eager to create a restaurant to give customers a “different” experience.

She said: “I’m going on a new project and I want them to be considered separate. I think you have a different clientele as well, from takeaways to restaurants.

“The reason I opened this restaurant is that we always serve quality food because we come from a restaurant background, I think it’s much better when you walk in and eat it. You’ll find a lot of difference in food and is much better when served straight from the wok.”

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