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Meet the brothers behind Fenton Tropical Fish Shop – and it’s opening today

Two brothers took their business to new waters with the opening of their first tropical fish shop. Gazz and Lee Preece have run Universal Aquatics as an online company for several years.

But they are opening a shop today (Saturday April 9) at Unit 46, Imex Business Park in Ormonde Street, Fenton. The outlet has 46 aquarium tanks and six pond tanks and sells fish from a few pounds to £1,000, with tanks priced from £39.99 to around £1,500.

They also offer zero percent financing so customers can spread the cost of any purchase. Gazz, 28, from Stoke, who designed the company’s website, said: “I worked in a few water shops and decided it was time to start thinking about the future.

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“We went into lockdown and created a website. As we grew online, we got bigger and bigger and now have opened a store.

“We sell tropical fish, cold water fish and pond fish. We have something for everyone. We offer finance on the website and in store and deliver to anywhere on the UK mainland.

Gazz and Lee Preece have opened a tropical fish shop in Fenton

“It’s something not everyone can afford right now. But the 0% interest financing option means it’s affordable for everyone.”

The brothers think the shop will be a success. “I’ve always had an interest in tropical fish and pond fish. I had a tropical fish tank and a pond in the garden,” Gazz said.

“Lockdown has led people to stay home more. We have done our research. Tropical fish, pond fish and cold water fish have always been very popular and always will be.

“We offer such variety. Fish can bring color into homes and it’s good for people to have something beautiful to look at in their living room.

“They are low maintenance and require a water change every two weeks, which takes about 20 minutes. We advise all customers which fish can go in the same tank and how long it will be before they need another aquarium.”

To mark the opening of the store, the brothers are offering the first 10 customers 10% off any purchase.

The Gazz brothers and Lee Preece opened Universal Aquatics in Fenton after the success of their website
Gazz and Lee Preece opened Universal Aquatics in Fenton after website success

Lee, 34, from Blurton, added: “I have over 20 years of experience in the aquatics industry. Combined with my brother, we have over 30 years of experience.”

Their website – – states: “We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and friendly, expert advice. We stock and sell a variety of tropical and freshwater fish livestock and equipment. In spring and summer we have a range of pond fish including koi carp, goldfish and shubunkins in our water garden section.

“Whether customers are looking for traditional freshwater or tropical aquariums, nano setups or saltwater marine units, we can help.”

The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

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