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Mott 32 Announces Reopening of Dinner Service in Time for Lunar New Year

One of Vancouver’s best-known Chinese restaurants began serving diners at its West Georgia location in December after a 15-month hiatus.

But today Mott 32 made it official by announcing that it would be welcoming guests in time for the Lunar New Year.

The company behind Mott 32 is Maximal Concepts from Hong Kong.

“Vancouver is so aligned with our values ​​of sustainability and ethical sourcing and has such an abundance of top-notch ingredients for the team,” Maximal Concepts co-founder Malcolm Wood said in a press release. . “It makes so much sense for us to be here, and we look forward to working with these local suppliers here again.”

Traditional Cantonese cuisine is just one of the menu choices at Mott 32.
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Mott 32 Executive Chef Hongwei He oversees the preparation of cuisine from different regions of China in addition to traditional Cantonese dishes. The recipes were designed by Chef Lee Man Sing.

There is also a dim sum chef, Jian Hui Li, who has extensive knowledge of northern Chinese cuisine. And chef Chen Sheng Hu oversees the barbecue dishes.

Wine Director Robert Stelmachuk manages an extensive collection of vintages.

Mott 32 was designed by Joyce Wang, who incorporated many Chinese elements into the piece, including birdcages. The restaurant has five private dining rooms.

Different areas of Mott 32 have been designed with their own themes.
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